300 win mag load development

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Internet forums, reloading manuals, and articles like this are all sources to consider. March 25, 2016. It didn’t affect any of them. I don’t. Best .300 Win Mag Loads. When I found out Sierra was introducing .308″ diameter 195 grain Tipped MatchKings (TMK) I was thrilled to get my hands on some. Point of impact change with various loads. The 230s shot well in my 300WM, but were relatively slow compared to the 210s…by a bunch!

We load up ADG Brass with the 168 Berger Classic Hunter and Reloder 26. The 208 AMAX reached 2900 fps without pressure signs. Seating depth in relation to the lands and magazine restrictions. I primarily focus on long range reloading. Copyrights © 2020 all rights reserved by Panhandle Precision, Top 20 Most Frequently Asked Reloading Questions, Gunwerks 300 Winchester Magnum Brass Review, My Reloading Tool List: What I Use and Recommend, Practical Practice for Long Range Hunting, Long Range Hunting With a Precision Rifle, Trajectory Validation: Ten Steps for Success.

From my experience, as long as the bullet is placed in the right spot, match-style bullets work very well at killing animals quickly. I’d like to see an article on the different things you check or the notes you take during brass prep and load development. In this video I update the Thompson Center Compass project chambered in 300 Win Mag. In other words, if you try to tighten a group, how do you know if you need to change the seating depth or the powder charge etc. As noted in the New Brass Prep article, I already had a foundation of data on my brass. In this video I update the Thompson Center Compass project chambered in 300 Win Mag.

I used information from all of these sources to formulate a plan for my initial load development. I don’t need or want a bullet that has controlled expansion or a bonded core for this kind of work. I have settled on the Berger 230 grain Hybrid Tactical. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Much more than that, and my confidence in taking the long shots goes down. I shoot a lot. Contact Form 7 or GravityForms plugin is required! This was a $200 rifle that we are going to test to see how accurate it can be with a very budget setup.

Based on the article, I loaded up 3 loads for my 300 win mag. Initial load development for a long range precision rifle can take shape in a variety of ways. Every point of measurement on the brass. Once I identify a piece of the puzzle that works well, I want to be sure I can get enough of it to keep shooting at the volume I like. November 15, 2016 Bill Marr Cartridge Selection, Precision Rifles, Reloading, Reviews 0. Any load data that you can share on that bullet with H-1000 powder would be appreciated. It’s a popular cartridge that’s been around for over 50 years. From past experience, this combination of powder and primer produces good accuracy, stable velocity, and low velocity extreme spread. My scope is a N/F ATACR 5-25 with Mil-r reticle. Subscribe for more informative videos: https://goo.gl/pMHmvu, Rifle: Thompson center compass 300 Winchester Magnum Boyds Pro Varmint Stock with adjustable comb height EWG 20 MOA scope base SWFA fixed 16 power scope Seekins Precision Scope Rings MCARBO trigger spring kit M4-72 SEVERE-DUTY BRAKE .308 BLACK. This barrel is very stable, with all groups impacting within one inch of each other. Any changes in neck tension during the process.

That includes neck O.D., head to datum length, web O.D., and overall length. I’ve had great success with Berger, Hornady, and Sierra match bullets in multiple calibers. Some of my best loads over the years were from friends who gave me the exact recipe to use. Tools used for loading and measuring. The article shows 4 but I already had data on one of the lengths so I didn't need to do that one again. The final result of initial load development might not be the exact recipe you end up using, but it should show you where to focus your time and effort. For instance, if I have multiple comparator inserts for a caliber, which one did I use?

As long range hunters, we have a very good selection of projectiles to choose from. Also I deviated from the article in that instead of doing two 3 shot groups, I did one 5 shot group for each load. Don’t discount word of mouth, either. The content presented here is intended to inform, to educate, and even to entertain.

300 Winchester Magnum load development: Sierra .308 195 gr. Group size and velocity, along with environmental conditions while testing. To that end, I started with H1000 powder and CCI 250 primers. Thompson Center Compass – 300 Win Mag load development -168 Berger Classic Hunter with Reloder 26, Lee X-Press Shellholder 16 for Lee APP Reloading Press, MEC Pan Sifter for MEC Marksman Single Stage Reloader. A good barrel should have no trouble spitting out sub-MOA groups with any one of those bullets during initial load development. COAL is 3.62 in AI magazine.

I want the bullet to land in the vitals and cause massive bleeding. Of course, I adhered to my Five Simple Rules for reloading precision ammo. Enter your email address to subscribe to Panhandle Precision and receive notifications of new posts by email. Both of these components are available locally, as well as online in bulk quantities. Just a guy at his reloading bench.

We use the Satterlee load development style to evaluate this combo and find a velocity Node to use for our next time with this powder. Any unusual things that occur with the rifle or scope during the testing, like a sudden shift in zero or mechanical issues. The more sharp edges, the better. However, barrels and reamers have different tolerances, measurements can be sloppy, and component lots can change.

I don’t think you can tune a 1 MOA load very easily, if at all.

Initial Load Development: 300 Winchester Magnum Project.

It will definitely need some tuning, though. The .300 Weatherby first appeared in 1944 and was Roy Weatherby’s first high-performance cartridge.

But with hand loaded ammunition in long magazine rifles such as the Winchester M70 and Remington M700, the .300 Winchester Magnum showed great strengths. At 75.0 H1000, they shot into .5 MOA @ 2800 fps CBTO was 2.850″ (.020″ off the lands). This was a $200 rifle that we are going to test to see how accurate it can be with a very budget setup. My threshold for precision from my long range hunting rifles is .5 MOA. Please go to Appearance > Sidebars and drag a widget into User Submit Sidebar.

I was able to break 2900 fps without pressure with the 215 Hybrid. Powders, primers, bullets, and brass can all be interchanged to varying degrees. They all involve the mixing of components until you find a combination that works. Looking good Sam, I am also looking forward to the next update. Here are some of the key points to my process and what I’m learning about this rifle. I changed from a .334 bushing to a .333 bushing to see if it affected the ELD-X load. If you can’t find components locally, I’ve had good luck with Powder Valley and Midsouth Shooter’s Supply.

In this video we go over more reloads in our Thompson Center Compass and updates moving forward.

I refuse to go down the rabbit hole of using components that are hard to find. These are the bullets I’ve tried so far in the 300WM: The 230 OTMs shot very well in the 300 WM. In this video we go over more reloads in our Thompson Center Compass and updates moving forward.

Over the last several weeks, I’ve come up with an outline of how the final load for the 300 Winchester Magnum Project might look. It will most likely need some editing, but the basic structure is there. I know you’ve touched on some of it in previous articles and videos but I’d like to see something more in depth .

I recommend buying these components in lots big enough to wear out a barrel. Here is a good example. Before I pursue a load any further, I like to see some groups in the .5 to .75 MOA range. Keeping good notes of your loading process is critical to safe, efficient reloading. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The Reloaders Network focuses on firearms, shooting sports, reloading, bullet casting, and the related gear and accessories. Federal FED215M primers are used. I just pick one or the other and try it.


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