429 police code
Pork chop sideburns are optional, but highly encouraged.

I had a ’72 ex-State Police cruiser with a 429 PI.

I can’t tell you how many Corvettes were left in my rear-view when that car hit triple digits!

Sad day for me since I had sold my car to get our apartment set up.

The poster knows and it aptly fits this car. They also used the CJ’s dual point distributer and CJ exhaust manifolds. Fast forward to 2017 and you’ll find most law enforcement agencies driving “Soccer-Mom” SUV’s. Joe Cerrone. Those were they days ! California.

Before I had the car repainted, the shadow of the Nebraska State Capital was located in the center of a … Only thing was, that freighter had naval guns hidden behind special drop down doors which would go into action as soon as the sub was within range. Love to see that big mill without a lot of smog stuff on it. Example: a "503" is not Penal Code section 503 (which is Embezzlement). $12,000 with no sale at the end of bidding. Todd wrote “The 3.00 rear axle ratio may seem conservative.” These cars were set up for highway pursuit, not hole shots.

He was just attempting to make Mom and Pop’s old 1971 Ford Custom, “N” coded 429 retail car used to haul large trailers, into a fake 1971!Fotd PI car. Never was able to get me going over the limit. Also has an uprated 73 PI rear sway bar which is larger than the 71 rear bar. On May-25-20 at 18:16:37 PDT, seller added the following information: 1993 93 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor RUST FREE Patrol P71 CHP NYPD cop. Have many memories on it. Also he did not advise what the extra holes were on top of the rf inner fender panel which was obviously something that the original owner had added.

Once he was successful in acquiring a real 1971 CT SP from eBay, instead of spending the time and money to restore this real 1971 Ford 429 PI CT SP car, Cerrone indicated to me that he was intending to transfer everything that said / spoke 1971 Ford 429 PI from the real car, to his 1971 Ford “”N” coded 429 4V retail civilian car so that he could unlawfully transfer the REAL 1971 FORD 429 PI VIN, to the retail / civilian car so that he could have, in his mind, a supposed real CT SP 1971 Ford PI car “on the cheap!” In conclusion, whatever Mr. Cerrone is taking to car shows, local drive nights, et cetera, IS NOT A REAL or A GENUINE example of a 1971 Ford 429 PI CAR [Emphasis Added]. I had to borrow a car to get married in (since I was 19 & could not get a rental). Very nice – I have a 71 Galaxie as well with factory manual, V8 and only 25K on the clock. Keep in mind these cars weighed close to 4,000 lbs., but were helped with a handling package, heavy duty power disc brakes, trans cooler for the C6 tranny and dual exhausts.The PI version of the 429 has the CJ camshaft. Something looks wrong, like it might have been repaired. Notify me of new comments via email. YOU WILL BE QUIZED AT RANDOM TIMES.

None of them had 4 speeds, If watch the 4 speed shifting scene it a Mustang interior and when he isn’t shifting you can see him put it in park with a column shifter. Yep. You got to love those police spec engines! Hollywood…. When i poped the hood. This particular 1971 Ford Galaxie 500 is a “P” code 429 Police Interceptor in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, in which you can do your Gator impression after casting the final bid here on eBay. 1941 WILLYS POWERLINE PICKUP JEEP 1 OF A KIND DIESEL A/C 5/SP 50 M.P.G. 1968 International-Harvester Travelall, Sporty Italian Fastback! Four doors are for old men. 2020 Topclassiccarsforsale.com - Classic cars for sale. That said, it would be equally woeful if this car never got a chance to burn up a pair of dry-rotted snow tires in a ceremonial controlled burnout. Always felt that was a desecration of the nameplate. Would love to find that cop speedo as well. scottiemac, is it possible to see that Ford ?

I don’t usually care for Fords or blue interiors but I love this! Currently, 103k. Found a 71 Torino wagon with a Big block and aFact 4 speed and a Shaker hood scoop.. Crazy !

:). It was nice Michael Douglas always used his turn signal, even when he was on a code 3. Some agencies, such as the California Highway Patrol (CHP) use the current vehicle code numbers while municipal and county police agencies, especially the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) still use the 500 series.

Those wagons could fly! Just happened to see parts of Gator McKlusky yesterday.

Surprised no ones mentioned the clout on the nose of the drivers side front wing??

I’ve seen his car, he brings it to Mark’s Cruise Nite sometimes. My favorite body style for Galaxy’s. 68 kitty, CAR HAULER 4 30 YRs . Came back a week and 1,000 miles later with no problems and an 8-point buck tied to the trunk! eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'barnfinds_com-box-3','ezslot_1',143,'0','0'])); Before tearing up the highways in black Trans Ams, Burt Reynolds piloted a 429-powered 1971 Ford Galaxie 500 sedan as the Arkansas moonshine-runner Gator McKlusky in the 1973 movie “White Lightning.” This car, aside from not being brown or packing a four speed floor shifter, resembles Gator’s ride enough to warrant a diversion.

Horsepower ratings for the police version ranged anywhere from 240-375 hp (gross hp, the common hp rating of the era). Would enjoy seeing some photos of your 71 custom 500. Great driver, gorgeous looking. Radials came out at the end of 71 and that improved things greatly. They would not “lay rubber” from a stop but shifted to 2nd at 60 mph (with a chirp) and to 3rd at 100 mph (with another chirp). Jeez, I miss those days! cars were spec’d out OEM from the factory with a much larger capacity alternator than the similar full sized Ford civilian car were so as to drive all of the additional electrically 12V powered emergency equipment, e.g., emergency lights, radios, siren, radar units,et cetera. With a 350 and three on the tree.

The marked ones would do 140 mph and the unmarked 150 mph as it didn’t have lights, speakers etc to hurt aerodynamics.

Still, a great performer at highway speeds. Not nearly as nice as this and just a run of the mill 460, but cool that it’d been built, served JCPD and was still in Louisville. You must know your wartime maritime history.

1941 Willy's Coupe 600HP 8-Cyl GM 2,800 Mi 4-Spd 700R4 Leather A/C New Tires, 1950 Willys Utility Wagon 96105 Miles Brown Station Wagon Hurricane 4-Cylinder, 1951 Willys CJV35/U Very Rare, Running, Needs TLC 67702 Miles Olive Drab Jeep 13. Better yet, it might be fitted with some modern drag radials and go back to its NASA roots with an occasional launch down the 1320. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'barnfinds_com-box-4','ezslot_5',135,'0','0'])); Ford’s top engine in the Galaxie was this car’s 429-4V making 360 HP (gross) and a foundation-wrecking 480 lb-ft of torque (thanks to automobile-catalog.com for some details).
1946 Willys CJ2A Jeep Runs and drives good vintage cj flathead, 1954 Willys cj3b Coupe Black 4WD Automatic, 1951 Willys Custom built 4 Wheel drive Pickup. Did not say what the 2nd antenna on the right rear fender was apparently for when I asked if there were holes drilled in the dash for accessory stuff. When new they came with bias ply tires and they had a habit of shredding the right rear tire if driven very fast for very long periods of time. Isn’t this the same kind of car Clint Eastwood used in the Movie “Magnum Force” but his was blue and got blown up in the final scene ??? 30k But is was nice. As far as ex-State Police cars go, my very first car was a ’69 Ford Custom with a 428 PI.

Eventually, it will get a CJ that I am putting together, an extra gear and a locker unit for the factory 3.25. What sort of condition is it in? Hurry lets get it !.

nice review of the 72 ford custom, there is a skeleton of a 1972 ford custom I read all of them, and learned a lot of the specs & history. I wonder, would a 429 PI package have come with a big-pulley alternator like CJ cars had, or a normal pulley to keep everything charged while it spends it’s time idling?


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