azur lane fleet builder

Airspace Dominance increases your Main Fleet’s Air Power and Firepower whenever she launches an airstrike.

You get an Aircraft Carrier right at the start of the game: Long Island, which is pretty decent for the early game, so you will have time to get acquainted with her mechanics. Since you can see the complete route of each torpedo you can easily take necessary actions to avoid that torpedo.

All Light Cruisers are good, so don’t worry even if you don’t have any form this list. She’s also fine as a frontline tank because of Red Phoenix, so keep her around even if you don’t necessarily need to farm any more. Remember that as with every tier list, it is subjective and based on personal opinions.

She has a massive health pool and decent armor, this coupled with her main skill Unbreakable Shield makes her very hard to take down.

Making it easier for you to assess the individual ability of each Azur Lane ship, in one list of levels, you will find battleships, heavy cruisers, destroyers, heavy artillery, light cruisers, healers, submarines and aircraft carriers.

Yukikaze is hands down the best Destroyer, both against regular mobs and bosses. She is very good when coupled with other DPS Vanguards, as she makes them deal more damage. These are the three ships you can pick from when you first start the game. This has proven to be very invaluable, indeed. They make much more damage and can destroy a ship with just four or five hits. Definitely a solid choice if you need to beef up your squad, as she is VERY hard to take down. This way you will be able to have fast and relatively powerful ships capable of avoiding enemy fire while your support fleet is ready at the back to provide powerful special attacks. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!

She provides additional support to her Escort Fleet through her Reload Command: Vanguard, which increases their Reload speed. They have the best firepower with their regular gun, and are very fast and able to dodge projectiles, although their Health pool is relatively low compared to beefier ships like Heavy Cruisers. Sometimes the difficulty curve becomes steep and all of a sudden and our team seems incapable of going forward. And while rejecting some weak ships you get may seem like a smart choice – in order to keep empty space in your dock for stronger ships – it is instead better to accept every ship, no matter how weak it is. Build your fleet, Commander!An ideal Naval Warfare game like you always imagined!An ideal Naval Warfare game like you always imagined! For more information on how to get Azur Lane cheats continue reading. Mondegreenz – A Sound Out The Phrase Game. Her evasion stat is comparable to that of Light Cruisers, but her Health is only slightly lower than those of a super tank like Prinz Eugen, and despite all of this her firepower is more than respectable thanks to the fact she is a gunboat with MGM+1, which means she fires an extra attack every time she shoots. Each fleet is made out of two ship rows. Furthermore, Azur Lane offers a more active gameplay experience than most similar games. And when you have to choose to either soak up lots of regular projectiles or just a couple of torpedoes, make sure to avoid those torpedoes.

Stuff like HP, anti-air defenses, speed, weapon strength, and some other stats are all added up and together make total stats for each ship.

Since the game features pretty complex ship stats, building a perfect fleet can be pretty tough.


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