best bait for lobster pots

If you’re targeting blue crab you’ll need to modify the trap with some netting or wire to shrink the gaps. Many regions require traps to have a rot cord opening that will deteriorate and free any trapped crabs in the event that the pot is lost.

Whilst Fisheries cop a flogging on many fronts, and while I share the concerns of many, I, for one, really appreciate their management of my local lobster fishery. Before putting your traps away, it’s a good idea to visually inspect the outside of the cage or netting.

In Florida, there is a mini two day season in late August that is only open to recreational lobster caching. When the trap is pulled up, the outer ring rises above the lower ring, and any crabs still inside the ring are trapped. How do you think about the answers? At night it is against the law to harvest lobster while diving. The second method is by using bully nets and scooping lobsters from shallow water during the night. About ten percent of the Brownies completely disintegrated in a little less than two weeks, which is within acceptable range for most products and could also be explained by higher currents in the areas where I fish. Make sure to measure lobster and check for eggs before bringing the lobster into the boat if you are scuba diving or snorkeling. There are a variety of pot designs – from small, collapsible wire traps used by recreational crabbers all the way to the 100-pound steel pots used by commercial crabbing boats.

Ultimately, the best trap will be the one that enables you to catch the most crab, which isn’t always the most expensive one. Many crabbers also like to use them to survey an area for crab before dropping a larger pot. It is simply a way of monitoring how much non comercial fishing effort there is in that area. treefarm: I've always used mackerel heads that have been left out in the sun all day.

Years ago as a boy visiting my family in Dingle, Co Kerry, Ireland I remember watching the lobster men baiting their pots with 2 day old mackeral which they wiped with cod liver oil - worked for them then so I guess it might still work now! Four one-way swing doors allow crabs to enter the trap from any direction – but they can’t get back out once inside. This is where the harness attaches to the trap. In the video above spiny lobsters are caught while snorkeling in the Florida Keys. They have made lobster-abuse a far more risky business than it used to be. One thing to keep in mind is that this type of netting is fairly light, so you may need to add some fishing weights if there is a strong current.

The video above shows how to catch lobster using a bully net and lights during the night. not sure if its true. Any baitfish will work though including ballyhoo, bunker, menhaden, pilchards, etc. I’ve come to shore more than once and been quizzed regarding the lobsters I’d caught or not caught. Yes, in Florida both a lobster permit and a saltwater fishing license is required. Whether you’re after Dungeness, Red Rock Crab, or Blue Crab you’ll want to make sure your trap is suited to the species you’re targeting. A rot cord system is built in – which allows crabs to escape should the trap get lost. I had a fair few ruined in August last year by something that hunts lobsters.

Fish is usually best. Spearfishing for lobster in not allowed because each lobster needs to be checked for size and for eggs. The design is extremely versatile and will allow you to catch a variety of species, including blue crab and lobster. There is bait in the center of the net that lobsters come to eat. Surprisingly, it’s not all that hard to catch lobsters. Then slightly distract the lobster while slowly putting the net behind the lobster. Can you catch lobster at night in the Florida Keys? Another important feature to look for is stackability.

It was a very small cage to put the bait in and about 8 or 10 snares coming from it.

Many crabbers will drop their pots off in the morning, and then pull them up later in the evening. Lobsters are nocturnal and most active at night. The last way to catch lobster at night is with a hoop net.

So I should hopefully have some worthy results to share.

This durable slip ring trap from top crabbing manufacturer Protoco is particularly well designed and will last for years of service.

Some used mackerel. If you lash your bait directly to your trap, crabs can sometimes climb around and eat it from the outside. A metal gauge is better than a plastic gauge because it will stay true over time.

Last year my brother got a boat to do angling from which we did an then he decided to get some pots to put out while we were fishing or to leave out for the week we had some nice lobsters an crabs my dad is a commercial fisherman so we got bait from him which was flounders they were good because there quite tough an last a while like I say we left them out for a week, the only problem we had was losing em to thieves or boats running over the lines !!!


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