cry baby bridge doylestown, ohio

The land has a long and twisted history, including several deaths and mysterious fires. on the front side. People have reported feeling a sudden tingle up and down their spine while inside the building. towards you. Also, we have a grave stone in our area that was placed on a man who scarey story about it. I finally witnessed it. And at exactly midnight a train had flew down the tracks, seconds after we had went back to the car. Disclaimer: The stories posted here are user-submitted and are, in the nature of "ghost stories," largely unverifiable. The baby was cold and starving and crying loudly. Everything was white. It is a very Sign in|Recent Site Activity|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites, Hollow, Rogues Cry Baby Bridge (Doylestown, Ohio), Folklore, Legends, Tall Tales: An Interactive Casebook for Knox County, Indiana, Haunted Pantheon Theatre Experience? Everyone who knows of it can tell you a personal He is blamed for sometimes locking the cooler doors and making the cooler lights turn on and off. Rogues Hollow Crybaby Bridge Doylestown, Ohio-A young woman was spurned by her sweetheart when he found out she was pregnant. Only a few people can actually hear the music at any given time. The lights were functioning but it would not start. A very strong female voice said “You need to get the f*** out.” It is believed that this may contribute to this haunting and of the Taco Bell haunting below. An Army Reserve helicopter crew of four men encountered a gray, metallic-looking, cigar-shaped objects with unusual lights and maneuvers, as they were airborne. When she turned around, she saw a mist hanging in the air about three feet from her that quickly disappeared. Another older gentleman who has been seen in the shipping room is believed to be the former mayor who witnessed the scene. New posting      EVP Recording      Video      360º Panoramic Photo      Visitor Contribution/Story, Palmer Road – In 1973, there was a wave of UFO sightings. And you might even see the mournful mama. tall/older trees. On the grave site, the stone turned black w/an orange dragon

The trains run every hour or so and I had given up on finding it. Yet another spirit known as Tom slams the back door and has been seen several times, only to quickly disappear. East of Chicago Pizza – Formerly a Quick Check-Subway, the restaurant is on the site of a former funeral home, speakeasy, depot, boarding room and titanium factory. Mysterious beams of light can be seen in the woods and satanic cults often use the bridge to perform their rituals. Another ghost named Mimi, believed to be a former office worker, makes the time clock hands turn quickly on their own. (Credits: Jim Starr). Underneath this female voice was a whisper barely audible saying “We need your help today.” Nobody had ran away from the spot. College of Wooster – Freedlander Theatre – Apparitions of people dressed in clothes from the early 20th century have been seen sitting in several rows waiting for the show to begin. He served time in a cell on the basement floor, but was hanged on the third floor. I was so excited.

Copyright © 2000-2020 Ohio Exploration SocietyReproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Once it was off, the car turned We left after that. Many years ago while in high school, 3 of us were out “wasting time” on a late Saturday night on the road which circles above the area of the bridge and something extremely disturbing happened to us. appearing on it. Was just there. to the top (Rogue Hollow Rd.). during the day, but not at night. murdered his son. Your email address will not be published. My brother, sister and myself all went to explore crybaby bridge to see if it was real. We were at dinner last evening in Smithville, OH, and our waitress overheard We We had to put it in neutral and I remember going there as a child.

A manager who brought money back from the bank had placed it on the back counter. All of the girls bathrooms have a creepy vibe and stall doors sometimes close on their own. Vincennes Architecture Query: St. John's German Catholic Church. I told him I will go there On this page you will find haunted locations and legends of Wayne County. When I played it back we got the worst scare. Wayne County Courthouse – Several employees have reported seeing a “Lady in Blue” in the courthouse. Thomas' wife had already gone to the bridge … just went there for the first time since my teens years soo excited to show my family where me and all of my friends would go to on cool summer nights to see if we could here the baby crying..never did though But always have a blast there!!!! Pennsylvania Rail Yard – Located on the Pennsylvania Railroad, the rail yard sits directly in the middle of town. While the details of the legend are unclear, the screams of a baby late into the night aren’t. If you talk to people that grew up around there, we call it Rogue's Hollow baby, etc. Mysterious voices have been heard where the depot once stood. Never turn off your car while sitting on the bridge. We all saw the same thing as extreme distress overcame us all at the same time to what was being seen.The car finally started and I gunned the gas to get the hell out of there, the “horse and riders” never moved, but instead just sort of swirled into the fog. I had been on a family vacation at the nearby Mohican Adventures. I grew up in an adjoining suburb. Some of the larger tombstones are said to glow green at night. A ghost called Harvey is known to smoke vanilla cigars in the large walk-in cooler. husband. Actually the legend goes a Indian woman became pregnant by an English settler and her tribe found out and tried to brutally kill the infant to save the baby from the pain she drowned the baby under the bridge. The bridge is only approachable from Hametown Rd. Many decades later it’s strange to go hiking at a popular old high school partying area with my wife Wendy O'Connor Ross it wasn’t a park back then. A local historian informed our contributor that the entire College Hill Plaza was built on the site of a former insane asylum that was demolished in the 1930s. Old Jaol Restaurant – The fine dining area of the former Wayne County Jail was at one time the cell block. She looked like she was mist and she had no feet, she just floated across the street. crying. One of many purported crybaby bridges is located near Doylestown, Ohio, in an area known as Rogue's Hollow. It was as if it was coming from within the bridge. An electric pencil sharpener in the room turns on and off by itself.

She usually appears on the courthouse’s top floor, but she has occasionally been seen elsewhere. She said her Aunt came home one night petrified/crying from an


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