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She’s quite shy but she grows through the series and becomes much better friends with Jenny as it goes on.”. Series The drama is adapted from the bestselling memoirs of their mother, Jennifer Worth, who died, aged 75, just before the series was filmed last summer. Suzannah and Juliette never knew “Chummy”, the enormously popular character played by Miranda Hart, but Suzannah recognises the pen portrait from an old photograph of her mother’s colleagues – a picture she no longer has. We're the Call the Midwife nuns! At first, Sister Mary Cynthia refuses to talk about the attack to the police, but soon, she comes forward, letting herself be processed as a victim and giving a description of her attacker. And yet she never conformed. “Mother used to tell us about the East End tenements and the docks – she used to say it was incredible, the hardship people had to deal with. “Mother was fading fast in the summer, just as the series was starting to be brought to life, and that was a very unusual, but quite magical and positive dovetail of events,” explains Juliette. When she herself was struck by cancer of the oesophagus, she determined to die on her own terms. “It’s very special,” she says, “that Eleanor wants to follow her Grandma’s path.”, For Juliette, who works as an adviser to young people who have been in care, her mother’s legacy is the desire to make a difference. The Miller family loved their baby anyway, and Sister Mary Cynthia's mother told her that when people stare at her little brother, stare back and shame them. Real-life sisters who inspired popular BBC show reveal their story. Position Sister Mary Cynthia says she never could, because for just a second, she could see her brother through strangers' eyes. Jennifer Worth's daughters remember the real women who inspired the hit Sunday-night drama. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. For Suzannah and Juliette, however, Call the Midwife has a special resonance. However, she continues to suffer very badly from depression, and it is believed her feelings of extreme guilt through not being a "good nun" are contributing to her illness. The second victim was on a late night walk with her baby because her child wouldn't stop crying and she was told by a nun at Nonnatus that late night walks might calm him down. An angry and upset Sister Mary Cynthia bluntly tells them she wasn't raped, despite her battered appearance and the bite marks on her neck. And that’s how Mother was. Little is known about Cynthia's family life, but she does mention that her mother made her and her brother's baby clothes, using the mother-of-pearl buttons from her wedding dress. You can unsubscribe at any time. Nurse/MidwifeNun Returning in Series Four, Sister Mary Cynthia has moved on from her first six months as a postulant, but still has not undergone her final vows to be considered a full nun. “At the same time, she was a very individual character. Sister Monica Joan is severely affected, and frequently finds her way to the hospital to pray at the gates. Call the Midwife: The real-life nurses who inspired a Scottish adventure. By David Baker Updated: 03:05 EDT, 13 February 2012 It is a source of particular pride for Suzannah, who followed her mother into a musical career, that her own daughter, Eleanor, 18, has been inspired to train as a midwife. The prostitute was a mother who was abandoned by her husband and forced into prostitution to support her children; she refused to speak up out of fear of her children being taken away. Call the Midwife ‘s sixth series has seen Sister Mary Cynthia (Bryony Hannah) going through a very tough time indeed. Bryony Hannah who plays Cynthia Miller says about her character: “She’s not terribly experienced as a midwife, she’s still learning but she’s very conscientious and really wants to do well. Portrayed by Though many of the characters and situations, particularly in the early seasons, are borrowed from Worth's books, the show is nonetheless a work of fiction. All that fits very well with Mother’s personality.”. She is portrayed by Bryony Hannah. All but one, as reported by the U.K.'s Radio Times: "Cynthia, on account of her close connection with Worth, is the only midwife who keeps her real name. She puts everything into it. “I have lovely memories of Sister Julienne,” says Suzannah. Despite this, and the fact that she is quiet and the 'shy' midwife, Cynthia is very defiant and strict when need be, as shown when she defends a wife from her bully of a husband. Several of the Call the Midwife cast members are playing characters based on figures from Worth's memories, though many names have been changed. Quiet and sensitive, and also in her early twenties, Cynthia becomes Jenny’s confidante and life-long friend. She is therefore willingly sent to the mental hospital that Patrick himself recuperated at after the war, which seems a much more therapeutic environment. Thanks! Cynthia is already resident at Nonnatus House when Nurse Jennifer Lee arrives. “When we returned home, Sister Julienne would write letters to me and Juliette, with little stories and beautiful illustrations down the side in felt pen or watercolour. On Sunday night, sisters Suzannah Hart and Juliette Walton will gather their family to watch the fifth of the series of six episodes of BBC1’s hit series Call the Midwife. By Katie McEvinney BBC Scotland news. Quiet and sensitive, and also in her early twenties, Cynthia becomes Jenny’s confidante and life-long friend. However, Trixie stays at the Mother House for a night upon her return from South Africa and later tells the midwives that she did not see Sister Mary Cynthia there. After going home to Nonnatus, she was asked by her sisters and fellow nurses what happened. Bryony Hannah who plays Cynthia Miller says about her character: “She’s not terribly experienced as a midwife, she’s still learning but she’s very conscientious and really wants to do well. Sister Julienne [played by Jenny Agutter] and Cynthia [Bryony Hannah], on the other hand, were part of our childhood.”. Buy this exquisite six-piece set now and you’ll receive a FREE frying pan worth £55! No one will mind.’ Sadly, she died of cancer and, again, my mother was with her towards the end.”. Upon arrival, she asks to be called simply Cynthia by the treatment team. And because she had no fear herself, it gave us the strength to cope with her decision. Cynthia, too, was quite a spiritual person – she married a vicar – and she remained a lifelong friend.”. I think she felt very privileged to have been a contributing part of that community. She awoke later on the pier, curled up against a pile of rope, her white veil lying a few feet away. “When the community [in real life, the Sisters of St John the Divine] left the East End, they moved to Hastings in East Sussex. “When Mother was diagnosed, she quickly decided she didn’t want surgery; she just wanted to let nature take its course,” says Suzannah. She holds herself well and speaks nicely. Call the Midwife Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Quiet and sensitive, and also in her twenties, Cynthia becomes Jenny’s confidante and life-long friend. Later, Fred and Sister Monica Joan find Sister Mary Cynthia residing at the Linchmere Hospital, an austere mental institution, after they go to assess it for suitability when Fred's cousin with Down Syndrome needs a new home. She wasn’t a great one for chit-chat. She feels things deeply, and has very emotional reactions to a number of her cases. “Of course,” says Juliette, 45, “none of us knew Mother at that stage in her life, but for me, the character of Jenny is very true to the person she became. I would have been about seven and I remember being very pleased that I was wearing a blue dress with a white collar – just like a little mini-nun! Status She was a very sympathetic person, incredibly sweet-natured. Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences. Her life is more focused around being a nun and less about spending time with her friends, often making Trixie sad for how distant they now are.


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