david furr evansville car accident

Among the thousands of fans who’ve passed by the case in recent months is two-year-old Drew Mark Kniese, who stopped, in the midst of a crowd, and pointed to a photo of his uncle Mark. They told her there was no need for her to go, but she was adamant. It was used to fund scholarships for the victims’ families, rebuild the basketball program, and construct a memorial as a tribute to the victims. Two Indianapolis natives were on the doomed flight, including Arsenal Technical High School all-city player John Ed Washington. Two weeks after the crash he and his 16-year-old brother were driving home from a holiday basketball tournament and were killed in a car accident in Newton, Ill. Outside, crowds of grief-stricken students and city residents gathered. On stone slabs are engraved the names of the players who were killed, including Furr. They concluded the probable cause leading to the deaths of all 29 aboard Air Indiana 216 was two-fold: Too much baggage was loaded in the back of the plane, shifting the center of gravity to the rear, compounded by the co-pilot’s failure to remove control locks on the rudder and the right aileron, a control hinge on the wing. "It absolutely tore at the fabric of the community, it devastated the whole town," says Joe Atkinson, director of the new documentary "From the Ashes," which tells the story of the tragedy and its aftermath. The three crew members were the exception; the government required their autopsies as part of the crash investigation. His co-pilot, Gaston Ruiz, a 35-year-old refugee from Cuba who moved to the United States in 1963, had logged more than 1,000 flight hours. "These are small communities and these guys were the equivalent of rock stars when they played there in high school," Atkinson says. The DC-3 crashed roughly 90 seconds after takeoff. "Evansville Aces" equipment bags were strewn on the ground. Out of the ashes of a desiccated dream, we shall build a new basketball team, stronger, more valiant than ever before,” he said. The entire University of Evansville basketball team was among the victims. Also among the victims were Willard Hartford, general manager, and James Martin Stewart, president, of National Jet Service of Indianapolis which owned the charter plane.
“Barbara and I got to almost all of them.” In the days before Christmas, families were burying sons, brothers, husbands, and fathers, and university officials felt compelled to do what they could. The words spoken by then-university President Wallace Graves at the school's memorial just days after the crash will no doubt echo down the years. When Kathy saw the earliest news reports that a plane had crashed at the Evansville airport, she wasn’t terribly concerned, knowing her husband’s plane was scheduled to leave much earlier. In another eerie turn of events, Evansville player David Furr had been sidelined with an ankle injury and served as the team statistician but was not on the doomed flight. Hurrying across the sodden field, Wolf and Timmel approached the wreckage and saw a fire burning. (Some, like Kathy Vonderahe, accepted the offer, while others, like Jeff Kniese, did not.). Cut from the team because of an ankle injury, UE freshman David Furr, the Aces’ statistician, was not on the plane. There was, though, another terrible turn of fate.

The plane crashed on a muddy hillside next to a ravine not long after takeoff. In February 1978, some members of the 1976 Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers played a charity exhibition basketball game at Roberts Stadium against University of Evansville alumni players, coached by McCutchan. i WAS GOING TO SCHOOL IN OAKLAND CITY AT THE TIME SO I HAD TO GET BACK TO SCHOOL. It was the only fire truck that reached the site. by Sealman4 on Fri, Mar 25, 2016 @ 4:46pm. THIS ONE THERE WERE NO ALIVE PEOPLE BUT YOU CAN HOPE, I FOUND BODIES ALL OVER THE PLACE AND MY HEART SANK. The bodies of the victims arrived on a railroad car. Investigation reports would later show that after the aircraft landed and parked, both engines were shut down. “It was so foggy when my partner got there, he heard the other responders coming, but he couldn’t see them,” Althoff recalls.

The plane, owned by the Indianapolis-based National Jet Service, had been delayed by nasty weather. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. He knew a back way in. There was, though, another terrible turn of fate. The day after the crash Graves received a call from the president of Marshall University, which had lost 36 members of its football team in a plane crash seven years earlier, a tragedy dramatized in the 2006 movie “We Are Marshall.” The school’s president expressed his condolences and offered to send members of his staff who had dealt with their tragedy. "That's when I realized that this had been the basketball team.".
A memorial known as the "Weeping Basketball" stands in Memorial Plaza on the University of Evansville campus in remembrance of the lives lost. Nationally known and respected, McCutchan had coached two Olympic Trials teams and was twice named NCAA College Division Coach of the Year. The FAA rejected the recommendation, saying a requirement of access roads, already in place, was sufficient. The coroner’s office elected not to autopsy the bodies – there were just too many and the fatal injuries they’d suffered were visible. “Season tickets to the best seats,” Time noted, “were so hard to come by that die-hard fans fought over them in divorce settlements.”. Compensation ranged from about $65,000 to $100,000. In the weeks after he was hired, 1,000 new season tickets were sold. The entire University of Evansville basketball team was among the victims. The National Transportation Safety Board investigated, and in the end it fell to human error.


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