dayz outbreak lore

DayZ Standalone is set in the north-eastern province of South Zagoria in an ex-soviet republic called Chernarus. This lore can be known by all characters in part or in its entirety . DayZ Standalone's lore is primarily based on the events that transpired prior to the outbreak. I've been playing DayZ for awhile and always figured. DayZ . September 1st. All rights reserved. Translation: "Save Your Homeland - "Protect your ground!" Such as a nonsense sentence that the patient thinks is perfectly normal known as aphasia. Adrenaline levels are through the roof and almost all brain functions say for the motor cortex, visual cortex and auditory cortex. Following this, the developers added American items varying from clothing or weapons such as the M4A1. The patient's eyes will get bloodshot, the skin will turn pale, the fever breaks the 105F or 40.5 C mark , the patient will start to become erratic in their speech and behavior. A majority of the billboards are written in the Czech language (Chernarussian) and some in Russian. The USRF becomes militant and takes up arms and fights in the streets of Moscow break out. The cause of the outbreak will most likely never be explained or referenced, as the DayZ Developers have specifically intended for players to make up their own story based on the foundations of the environment they're in. It has not been released yet. All we know for sure is our characters are immune to whatever rage like plague has infected the people.

A Communist political party known as the "Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star was responsible for igniting the civil war after capturing and executing Chernarussian government officials, torturing and slaughtering local civilians, taking over military installations previously under control by the Chernarussian Defence Forces, and annexing most of South Zagoria. I hope in the future they add* this "lore" to one of the books scattered across DayZ. During the events of ARMA 2, the region of South Zagoria is rocked by a bloody multi-faction civil war. The lore is the official timeline of events and characters that have evolved in this world. They were added to fill in the gap that DayZ had, as a wearable item that would fit the theme of Chernarus. January 14th, 2019. A multitude of references to the ARMA Universe are strewn across Chernarus, from the above aforementioned Billboards, to clothing items and flags of the political factions that took part in the Chernarussian Civil War of 2009. They were also handed out at Pax South (2016) for free by the DayZ developers. September 5th. Although speculation, the presence of the FNX-45 pistol in-game (a weapon produced from late 2012 onwards) provides a solid starting pointing as to when the outbreak occurred. And a video from the official Arma website shows a video of NAPA bombing one of the Vodka Distillery sites in Chernarus. Copyright © 2020 Outbreak LLC A lot of the lore is made up by the community.

Reference to Bardak vodka distillery from Arma 2. The first real violent tendencies will start showing at this phase. well the early alpha still on progress maybe for another 10 years.

Meaning you can spread the virus before symptoms start showing up. Although speculation, the presence of the FNX-45 pistol in-game (a weapon produced from late 2012 onwards) provides a solid starting pointing as to when the outbreak occurred. Road signs of cities found outside the boundaries of the playable map can be found near the town of Lopatino and the Evacuation site at Bay Tikhaya. Ask a question Technical issues Support requests More. Every nation one by one closes its borders as they them selves get report of this violent fever. While U.S and UN items didn't fit the theme of Chernarus, the developers had to justify the implementation of these items by connecting the Arma 2 story together with DayZ.

Thus, the only concrete lore pertaining to DayZ is from the pre-outbreak Arma Universe. The History/Lore of the infection in the world of DayZ. The first patient collapses and is rushed to the hospital with extreme fever, bleeding from the eyes and mood swings. Samples are sent out for research.

Physical maps of Chernarus can be found in schools and military facilities, as well as hiking trail map stands. ", Translation: "MALDEN - Come to us!" Geographically, Chernarus is sandwiched between the Russian Federation to the North of the Black Mountains and Takistan to the West of the Svetlaya River. The most notable reference is the advertisement billboards, with at least four of them sporting the names of prominent islands set throughout the ARMA series. Alexander Baranov, a Chernarussian Government official in the province of South Zagoria. The information on this page may not be part of the game's current version, as it may have been removed but is still documented here. Russian officials capitulate to the USRF allowing NATO and the WHO to enter the Russia Federation and setup field hospitals and research camps.

KOS is not allowed (except for "Danger Zones") and interactions between players focus on the characters stories. - From alcohol plant - Bardak and sons." All of the billboard models are from ARMA 2, and many of the advertisements show dates no later than 2009, coincidentally the same year as the Chernarussian Civil War. Last report out of the region stated that over 80% of the population is infected. The start of the outbreak and the divergence from the ARMA Universe can be likely considered to have occurred sometime during or after 2013. February 9th. The patient can experience some rare lucid moments. During this phase the virus is transferred by touching the mouth and touching any surface or person without cleaning your hands kissing and intercourse would also apply. I was always under the impression that it was airborn. NATO forces blockade all the passes and roads out of South- Zagoria.
The cause of the outbreak will most likely never be explained or referenced, as the DayZ … The virus has an infectious incubation period. March 6th. (this info will be unknown but can be suspected by any characters). Phase two lasts up to 3 weeks. For a lore lesson does anybody know how the infection started in the first place? January 30th. Aid to the region is reduced solely to airdrops. This page contains information about an asset or historical reference dating back to, *Part 2: Chernarussian Civil War, Factions & Entire Story,

Phase Two: The patient will get a fever, runny nose, slightly higher than normal blood pressure, headaches and the palms will become laced with a warm sweat. October 11th.

In Outbreak, you likely won't kill someone for weeks or months as your characters story evolves. All medical characters may know this information, character with no medical knowledge may know parts of this information. Hospitals in Sochi start to fill up with extremely high fever and sweaty palms. Players assume the role of creating their own story based on the foundations of the post-outbreak lore in Chernarus or Livonia.


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