eurofox instrument panel

The panel uses the default X-Plane Garmin 530, which is quite capable and allows you to shoot GPS approaches (illegally). PARKING BRAKE – Aeropro incorporates a parking brake feature into the hydraulic system and in characteristic style, installs this clearly labeled control lever on the floor between and in front of the seats. First he represented American brands and later European. For the taildraggers, a bit of rudder, differential braking, and some bursts of power get the aircraft moving in the right direction. Dutch rolls and precise turns to headings were easily accomplished.

Pros – Very dynamic performance with 100-hp Rotax 912S. As long as the state of the art is advanced, pilots welcome all developments. Clean execution at a relatively modest price. 100-hp Rotax 912S, electric starter, avionics, ballistic parachute. Addresses the questions: “Will a buyer get what he/she expects to buy, and did the designer/builder achieve the chosen goal?”. Most LSA pilots tend to be the low altitude, look at the scenery types. Secure the aircraft chocks and tie-down ropes or other ways to prevent the aircraft from unintended movement, lock the controls (using seat belts). The doors can be removed for flight. All engine controls are placed on the instrument board. When descending, set the power to just above the idle so that engine instrument readings range within the limits for normal use. Fuel level indicators are part of each tank, the minimum fuel warning light is mounted as a standard. Our test plane had a few options in which you might be interested. From my earliest training in a Champion Citabria and numerous Cessna 150s, I’m one who prefers high-wing airplanes, but they do block your visibility in turns.

The engine has dry-sump lubrication. Landing roll is only longer because of the strong glide (14:1 says producer) though this reach could help in the event of a power loss. The developer has noted that a “cleaner” cockpit may be coming, but I’d actually prefer the option of both if that is the case. Pros – The EuroFox reveals a clean interior with comfortable seats equipped with 4-point pilot restraints.

The EuroFox didn’t miss the importance of this popular feature and its wings swing back flat and easy, just like the two American designs. Aerobatics and intentional spins are prohibited. All elements that can be hidden are tucked away and all components look thoughtfully assembled. turn ahead. The EuroFox’s trim was highly effective. Small tubes at the outboard section of the ailerons are mass balances to assure no flutter will start. As with many other Light-Sport Aircraft candidates from overseas, the EuroFox is factory-built and test-flown, and delivered completely checked out and ready to fly. A tailskid protects the rudder from damage on such full-stall landings that are easy to do in this trigear aircraft. Carb heat is a nice addition, not common on ultralights and appreciated when carb ice is a concern. Brakes quite effective. Always have some suitable landing area within a gliding range. The lightweight EuroFOX (as modeled in X-Plane) is powered by a 80 h.p. X-Plane physics have always felt more dynamic than FSX/P3D, so it is no surprise that I enjoyed taxiing the EuroFOX and all of the handling throughout the takeoff and landing rolls. Fuel at 22.5 gallons offers less range than some LSA. Of the fixed-wing models in RLSA’s hangar, the EuroFox is the most modestly priced with the C42 next highest and the G-3 as RLSA’s top-of-the-line model. Fast-Guide instructions for use with X-Plane 11 flight simulator.

The switches are activating both Magnetos. Pros – Good visibility forward and out all-clear door panels; overhead skylight may help check for traffic. Good, normal response to power increase/decrease. Our test plane used a shapely prop from Fiti Designs that no doubt plays a role in keeping the noise output within Europe’s tight noise standards.

Cons – No differential braking available (though hardly needed due to responsive nosewheel steering).

For them you need to add about $150.

), the EuroFOX is equipped with non-regulation lights that will help you be seen, and illuminate the runway. The doorframes bow out noticeably at the elbow, giving you the impression of more interior room than the EuroFox actually has. A similar two-color paint job will add about $375 (though all prices start in euros and, given currency fluctuation on a daily basis, you’ll want to check with Rollison Light Sport Aircraft before calculating the total price of your new EuroFox). No parachute fitted in test aircraft.

Suspension provided at all gear helps on rough fields. In the passage of time, they saw ways to enhance that design and the EuroFox today shares only the basic shape and planform of the original. SLEEK AND MODERN – Though its heritage dates back to the early Avid Flyer, the EuroFox has seen many changes, among them the transition to trigear (though you can also have it in taildragger configuration).

The EuroFOX for X-Plane is modeled after the real aircraft manufactured by Aeropro of Slovakia and marketed by Aerotrek in North America. and the performance was fairly well in-line with the published book numbers.

Make sure that all avionics and other instruments are switched off before the engine is shut down.

Ballistic parachute can be factory fitted (though for U.S. delivery, fitting must occur in the U.S. due to shipping regulations.).

readers will say the EuroFox looks to be a copy of a Kitfox. Cruise speeds place EuroFox as a high performer in the LSA segment. Enter at pattern altitude 45 degrees mid field, sideslip limits 60 - 110 mph max 65 mph w/ full flaps, check for clear landing site (people, obstacles), Maintain speed of 65-70 MPH until the flare. The Carburetor heating handle is located near the Throttle lever. It is a four-cylinder, four-stroke, horizontally opposed, center-camshaft engine with overhead valves. The EuroFOX is equipped by dual stick control. Reasonably quiet. At first glance the EuroFox’s nosewheel appears to be the castoring type that requires braking to steer the aircraft, but this is incorrect. Some general aviation pilots won’t care for the clear doors, though ultralight pilots should have no heartache with them. Always judge, based on your experience, whether the available runway is of sufficient length for a normal landing. I’ve long thought someone invented the first wing and after that everyone has simply made variations on the theme, improving the technology along the way. However, this space only accommodates 22 pounds, which is a bit slight for any longer travel you may envision.

“I’d sort of like for Dean Wilson to be given proper credit and respect for being the originator of this very practical and popular aircraft design,” Rollison says strongly. If you want the larger 100-hp Rotax 912S – not that you need the extra power – you must add about $2,500 at the same euro/dollar conversion. Since the Kitfox also emanated from the design work of Avid designer Dean Wilson, the EuroFox is definitely not a Kitfox. Wing flaps – handle of wing flaps is situated in middle part of cockpit. The VSKYLABS Aeropro EuroFOX was designed to perform as close as possible to the described information and to handle realistically within the real aircraft's limitations. The panel is psuedo-IFR equipped, although the EuroFOX is not certified for IFR or night flight. In a pinch, the traditional six-pack of steam gauges (minus the directional gyro/HSI) can be used in conjunction with the compass on the Garmin GPS to fly IFR approaches. Without having to unbutton the nose cowl, pilots will see desirable features in EuroFox systems: a U.S.-made vernier throttle offering very precise power settings, flaperons, in-flight trim, and hydraulic brakes with parking feature. Check the operation of the minimum fuel indicator bulb by pushing the control button when the fuel level is approaching the minimum fuel quantity (1.1 U.S. gallons). No replication of an Avid or Kitfox would be complete unless the wings folded. In power-off and power-on stalls, plus accelerated stalls, I noted no tendency to fall on a wing and nose break-through was relatively unexciting.

The instrument panel features a non-adjustable, low consumption flood light, which may be useful when flying in dawn or dusk.


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