funimation not working on ps4

I say agree but nothing is working. But nothing.... @FUNimation Does anyone else have a issue with their app crash when you go to select a show in the a-z tab? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Thanks @FUNimation, @AuffallendArt @FUNimation Oh no that is definitely an oof I had an issue ordering the Hawks Hero Rising figure not from Funimation but the whole line seems cursed haa, @KAYNYNE420 @FUNimation Yup I’m having the same issue on Xbox :(, Same for episode 3 of ikebukuro west gate park, @FUNimation and @Crunchyroll really do not care about their customers.

last edited by @vivvee. On PS4 I can watch Ep2 but not Ep1. Seriously @FUNimation? Censorship looks like it could be a bigger issue. yoyo @FUNimation @FunimationHelp my my hero code isnt working and im very sad. Was hoping @FUNimation would have fixed their Adachi and Shimamura episode 3 stream by today, but alas... still not working. I tried setting up a ticket but haven’t heard back and from reddit(since funimation took down the old forums) it sounds like its a pretty common problem right now. we can get to the page-- but it is just circling and nothing happening, @brettdbzfan1 @FUNimation Hey, so it been about a month since I pre ordered my hero academia: hero rising and also two heros and I'm not getting any processes on my packing and also the guest-signin isn't working for me so i don't know how I can track my packing. Reply Quote 0. replies_to_this_post. As I can tell, it works on mobile (phone and Roku) but streaming it on site is currently impossible. It’s still broken. If Funimation's lack of response to any of these issues when reported is frustrating as hell. @PS360HD2 and funimation is barely available outside of US so that's good. @FUNimation Hey, so it been about a month since I pre ordered my hero academia: hero rising and also two heros and I'm not getting any processes on my packing and also the guest-signin isn't working for me so i don't know how I can track my packing. Posted by 1 year ago.

Since it seemed to work for everyone else, but that’s no longer even working. It's important to realize here that the problem is not your ability to reach the Funimation servers IF you are like me and can actually watch everything fine using a computer web browser. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. A lot of other people are also unable to watch it. Please fix your Roku channel. @FUNimation I'm not getting the discord. My PS4 app doesn’t work. @FUNimation I'm not getting the discord. @thesetking Close. When you have that feeling of just defeat because it is out of your hand it kinda sucks but at least I have a reason to start using Crunchyroll now. I have heard from people in Discord Server, that it is a Server issue? Thanks @FUNimation, @BalorianRose but my digital copy, is invaild? Anyone else having issues with @FUNimation apps all my purchases are gone and i cant watch my digital copy of the my hero movie, @nessa_sea I think the first guy was right. Funimation Ps4 App not working? Same with me on subscribing to funimation just for tgcf...a total waste. . @MStrange_Circle @FUNimation @jnikkir They don’t do that with a lot of their issues, @FrostOfDeath @FUNimation 1 Nov morning; not working on their site but works through the mobile app. Restarting fixes this issue, but it will start again if you leave your PS4 in rest mode. @Sheupe @FUNimation Also Xbox and PS4 apps are broken too. @Kevin__GFX

@neal_schrepfer The same Sony who has been on a censoring spree lately with anime games, and they own Funimation, who have their own issues. @fuckenish I'd be a little wary. @Inception900 @FUNimation That's crunchyroll problems.


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