fz6 vs fz6r

Wondering if they are the same bikes? Sure the R6 is faster and damn pretty, but it doesn't do me a lot of good if my spine peels out of my back after half an hour. In america they call xj6 diversion a fz6r. The FZ6R is much closer to a standard than a sport bike.

I haven't rode an FZ6 but I have rode the FZ1. Don't mention it. That might be the decider there.

He want's to know the difference between the 2.

I use mine for commuting to work during the week and playing in the Rockies on the weekends. The FZ6 will hit ~140 whereas the FZ6R will hit ~130.

The FZ6R is much closer to a standard than a sport bike.

Continue reading for my review of the Yamaha FZ6R. Power delivery is smooth and linear with predictable throttle response through the range. Good idea? The FZ1 and FZ6 have their own specialties. No infringement is intended.

Would it have killed you to recess at least the front blinkers? whenever I mention wanting an FZ, people often say "naw man you want the R6!" Successor: Yamaha FZ8.

I'd love an R6, but it wouldn't fit into my budget honestly. A short windshield finishes the protective zone, and although the screen is non-adjustable, the rider’s triangle can be tweaked to suit all but the truly big-and-tall or the shortest of inseams. Not really naked, just showing a bit of ankle below the hem is all. 452 Posts . So if you go for the FZ6 because it has more horsepower, make sure you get a model year that isn't nerfed. Let’s dive in and see what the factory has in store for us. Come in and talk about your favorite model. (As opposed to the half-done naked style.) Das N darf in diesem Zusammenhang wohl als Abkürzung für naked verstanden werden. FZ6R is scaled down a leeeeeettle. But I would concur with nabulus13, the FZ6R will be significantly more comfortable. This laid-back power comes from the inline, four-cylinder mill that runs a 65.5 mm bore and 44.5 mm stroke for right at 600 cc.

Soaking wet, the FZ6R weighs in at 470 pounds with the California emissions package, and 467 pounds without, so there can be significant amounts of energy to control and bleed off. The 250 serves perfectly well for commuting to work but it seriously cuts into my ability to take longer trips, it just doesn't have enough power for extended highway travel and GETTING to all the places with excellent twisties generally requires long rides to get there. I believe that the FZ6R is called the XJ6 in Europe. Both carry 41 mm front ends, but suspension travel falls off a bit on the CBR with only 4.3 inches of travel versus 5.1 inches on the FZ6R. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. At 8,400 rpm, the water-cooled mill cranks out around 39 pounds of grunt (depending on the dyno), but wind it up a little more to 9,800 rpm and you get the full 65 ponies. i just need to be sure i am not getting the lower rated one. Yamaha FZ6: history, specifications, images, videos, manuals. I wanted to buy a new one and finance too but my comp insurance quote was silly. Cheaper, little more performance, and cheaper. A 32-bit, ECU-controlled fuel injection delivers the fuel, and the 12.2-to-1 compression ratio is warm enough to put you at the premium pump. Class: naked Production: 2004-2010 (FZ6-R / XJ6 Diversion – from 2010) Predecessor: Yamaha FZS 600 Fazer. Yamaha FZ6 (FZ6-N, FZ6-S, FZ6-S2, FZ6-R): review, history, specs. Nothing to write home about, but enough to be fun while non-threatening. Less powerful and more smooth. Both these bikes have demanded attention with their stylish looks and powerful engines. I've found one of each a 04 FZ6 for $3900 and 06 Honda cb600f for $4000. Die FZ6 wurde von einem modifizierten Motor der Yamaha YZF-R6 angetrieben. Best of all, the six-speed gearbox comes with a very short first gear, so takeoffs come with less risk of stalling out for the novice, and greater holeshot potential for more experienced riders.

With enough work anything is possible, but I highly doubt the FZ6R fairings will come near bolting on to the the FZ6.

Looked at the pictures and even though it looks really damn similar to my xj6n (even the dash) its faired. Honda’s four-banger generates a claimed 85.8 horsepower at 11,000 rpm and claimed torque of 46 pound-feet (results vary) whereas the Yamaha cranks out 65 ponies and 38 pounds. To my mind the FZ6 is a better built bike with better components (Alloy frame vs Steel tubing, 4 pot front calipers vs 2 pot, more comfortable seat, larger rear tire, better swing arm). The Red Riders get serious with the brakes; a pair of massive, 320 mm discs and dual-pot calipers slow the front wheel, a bit bigger than the 298 mm discs on the Yammie. Powerbronze International Ltd - Products - Products. What I always found rather surprising was, what a crap but common bike XJ600s were - when physically similar Bandits provided about 15hp more, and much more thrilling, and priced way more competitive... No wonder XJ600 died a good death in the end, even though still sold too many. I want to be sure i am not getting the lower rated engine.

3/4-inch higher. Stock seat height rides at 30.9-inches high, but if you need the room for your stems, the seat can be cranked up just over
Remember that while you are trying to figure out how long it will take you to amortize the cost of the bike through fuel savings. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.

Jump to: navigation, search. User this to compare ergonomics since you mentioned commuting.

JavaScript is disabled. Can't speak to the R but I love the Fz! I'd give a vote in favor of the 6R, but I'm slightly biased :) (see flair).

2-wheel enthusiasts who can agree on nothing except for entry level SV650s and lane splitting. The only noticable difference between the 2 that I can find is that the R has a fairing and the regular FZ6 does not.

The steering head comes set for 26 degrees of rake and 4.1 inches of trail, and this makes the bike fun, yet predictable and user friendly in the corners. I'm looking to upgrade the bike in the next couple months here, and I had pretty much settled on getting an FZ6r.


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