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Find out more information about the Arkansas ticket violation payment options available to drivers, by reading the sections below: (function (a, c, s, u){'Insticator'in a || (a.Insticator={ad:{loadAd: function (b){}, q: []}, helper:{}, embed:{}, version: "4.0", q: [], load: function (t, o){Insticator.q.push({t: t, o: o})}}); var b=c.createElement(s); b.src=u; b.async=!0; var d=c.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; d.parentNode.insertBefore(b, d)})(window, document, 'script', '//'). Contact Court. immediately following your main card number. Call. Arkansas Online Court Payment. You may choose to either pay your traffic ticket immediately after receiving it, thus admitting your guilt, or after failing to dismiss traffic citations in court. Our course helps you learn quickly and easily, using state-specific questions and easy-to-understand answers. Greene County View the Greene County County Website Phone 870-239-6311 Address 320 West Court Street Paragould, AR 72451 Otherwise, a public defender may be appointed depending on the city or county jurisdiction handling the case. If you plead guilty to a traffic ticket in Arkansas, points will likely be added to your driving record.

be sent to you with instructions for you. I promise!

Links are grouped by those that cover courts statewide, for multiple counties, and then by individual county. In either case, the courts treat the fines and penalties the same. The payment amount will be adjusted The total charge amount will be displayed prior to submitting the payment. driver's license suspension or revocation, Depending on the violation and your current driving record, you could face a. You can use the eTraffic online speeding ticket payment available through the Arkansas Judiciary website. Failure to dismiss traffic citations may result in even higher traffic fines than those written on your citation. HI! Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.

Your browser is currently set to block JavaScript. Note that payment options usually vary based on the local court handling your case. Depending on your situation, you can pay your traffic ticket online, by mail, or in person.. Pay Traffic Tickets Online. You must also enter either: Plan Number alone; OR Done. Click NEXT to Pay Your Personal Property and Real Estate Taxes in Greene County, Arkansas. Use this web site to pay citation or payment plan payments with Visa, Discover or MasterCard. Your card security code for your MasterCard or Visa card is a three-digit number on the back of your credit card, Paying your Arkansas traffic ticket means you're pleading guilty or no contest. Contact information for courts that accept citation or payment plan payments. Drivers who have received traffic tickets in Arkansas can choose to either appear in court or to plead “not guilty” to their violation on or prior to the date listed on the issued traffic citation. Links are grouped by those that cover courts statewide, for multiple counties, and then by individual county. to allow for electronic processing of the transaction. For that reason, motorists may choose to either fight traffic tickets by pleading “not guilty” or pay the required driving fines immediately after receiving the ticket. Contact information for courts that accept Drivers can pay traffic fines online, in person or via mail. You must enter your first and last name. Cathy (CJ) Hays Arkansas Online Court Payments.

citation Collect or pay court ordered citations, timepays and warrants online with credit or debit cards or over the phone with English and Spanish support. 320 West Court Street, Room 103 courts. Find Your Payment Plan.

Unfortunately, Arkansas doesn't offer a voluntary point reduction program. You can use the eTraffic online speeding ticket payment available through the Arkansas Judiciary website. Drivers with more severe traffic violations are encouraged to hire a legal representative, as this may be the most effective way of building a strong defense. Tougher Fuel-Efficiency Standards for Trucks Proposed in the U.S. How to pay a traffic ticket fine in Arkansas. If you have lost your password, enter your email address. State By State: Differences In How States Handle Driver’s License Renewals, Washington State Passes New Distracted Driving Law That Bans Holding a Cellphone While Driving. Check your driving record after you plead guilty or no contest to make sure the violation doesn't push your points over the limit. We strongly believe an informed public is a safer public. That way, they will be able to prevent point accumulation on their driving records. If you deal with a lost traffic ticket, you will need to contact the proper court and request all the necessary information that are crucial for winning your case. Subscribe to stay in the loop & on the road! Such errors may happen in the information about the make and model of your vehicle, or in the date and time of the offense in question. You may choose to either pay your traffic ticket immediately after receiving it, thus admitting your …
Check back in to see upcoming events and messages from our County Judge. Refer to our section on Defensive Driving in Arkansas for more details. After you enable JavaScript reload this page to continue. In order to use the eTraffic ticket violation payment service, you need to prepare and submit both your credit card and your citation number. To better serve Greene County residents and visitors, our website will provide the information residents need, and information visitors want.

You'll or payment plan This web site may be unavailable due to routine maintenance during the Locate the information for your scheduled payment plan by filling out the form to the right. After you enable cookies reload this page to continue. Some Arkansas courts allow drivers to pay tickets online via the Arkansas e-Traffic Program website or from the court's website, which you can access from the state's district courts website.. Drivers who face traffic citations in Arkansas are required to pay the driving fines written on their citations. is a privately owned website that is not affiliated with any government agencies.
Refer to our To dismiss traffic citations in Arkansas, drivers need to inspect the details written on their tickets before appearing in court. You need to allow JavaScript to use this service.


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