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190.3 cm (6’ 2.8”) - Nov 2018 Outside Hitter His personality is very compatible that he gets along with many people (similar to Hinata).

Bokuto admits that he became more fired up at seeing Yaku's receives.

Occupation Eastside Project Seirensen ~Undefined Fantastic Object. When Akaashi tries to argue that they may not be able to save and score every time, Bokuto replies "It's not impossible, it's just hard.".

Owl With frosted tips (By Kuroo) Bokkun (by Atsumu). In his third year, at the Spring High Tournament, he bought an unpopular t-shirt that reads: "The Wisdom of the Ace: Firstly, the figure of the ace is one that inspires his allies. Kuroo teases that if Tsukishima isn't focused, Hinata will soon out-skill him. His jersey in the manga and in the anime does have the mark that also signifies him as the team captain. However, Kenma begins to lay out a plan to stop Bokuto. His birthday is three days before the Autumnal equinox within the Japanese calendar. Bokuto is energetic, often making jokes about everything and acting rather dramatically about his plays, wanting attention or affirmation from his teammates. Let's Go to Tokyo!! Character Info Unsurprisingly, he and Hinata find it cool. Bokuto receives admiration from Hinata for being one of the nations top five ace's. !, you have certainly come to the right place. In the Manga Tsukishima asks them why they're training so much when volleyball is only a club. 17 - 18 宇宙を飛び回る人工衛星. If you are searching for cosplay products for Bokuto Koutarou from Haikyuu! Ian Sinclair As the match against Mujinazaka is about to begin, Bokuto recalls when Kuroo revealed to Tsukishima that Bokuto is one of the top five ace's in the nation. Gender Bokuto remains optimistic though, stating that he won't let Karasuno get any more points. 185.3 cm (6' 1") - Apr 2012 186 cm (6' 1.2") - Jan 2013 Airhead (by Kuroo)Horned Owl Bastard (by Kuroo)Simpleton AceOwl With frosted tips (By Kuroo) Bokkun (by Atsumu)

Position Due to Bokuto being in a down mood, the rest of the team continue to play like normal until Akaashi starts to bring Bokuto out of his state by saying that all eyes are already on the ace because they are the only game taking place in the sub-arena and even points out Hinata in the crowd having come to watch his mentor. The normal tactic that Akaashi and Yukie use to get Bokuto excited for a match was not used because they noticed how focused the ace seems to be. Center Ace Who immediately threatened Bokuto, to never complain if he misses one of his sets, and instead of feeling afraid or down, just proceeded to confidently assure him that he is now "ordinary". Outside Hitter Ace Captain According to the Haikyuu store in Japan, Bokuto has smaller hands than Akaashi because the latter has long fingers. 木兎 光太郎 Also, despite his general silly behavior, there are moments when Bokuto exhibits something akin to a wise form of intelligence, his words inspiring Tsukishima in Karasuno's game against Shiratorizawa.

Bokuto is able to win the game for Fukurōdani when he lands a straight shot past the blockers. This state doesn't last long as Akaashi is able to put in a plan of his own to get Bokuto back into shape by using Nekoma's rotation to his advantage.

Unlike most volleyball players, Bokuto wears knee pads that go up to his thighs, instead of simply ending above his knee. Voice Actor He used to get blocked all the time but after changing his spiking technique, he became nearly invincible. Fukurōdani loses to Itachiyama during the Tokyo Qualifier Tournament. Apr 3, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Wanda Hime. Weight Bokuto has been training with his team when Hinata and Kageyama suddenly arrive. Bokuto questions if it's because the first year sucks at the sport, annoying him. According to Akaashi, Bokuto has at least 37 weaknesses. Afterwards, he embraces the Nekoma third years and would be highly complimented by Hinata for his straight shots.

In the Anime Near the end of the set when Asahi puts too much power into his spike and it lands out from Yaku having manipulated things to his advantage, Bokuto warns Yachi that Yaku is a player who is capable of stopping a spiker without even touching the ball[9]. Afterward, his teammates cheer him on, showering him with compliments.

Bokuto has round, golden-colored eyes and spiky white-grey hair with black streaks; certain sections of it are done up as if to vaguely conform to that of an animal, strongly amplifying the uncanny resemblance he bears to a horned owl. Also Known As

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It was like his time had come. Status Realizing that he would not be able to make a receive over or underhanded, Bokuto makes the receive with his chest and would compliment himself for it. For several plays, Bokuto is able to score numerous points. Number He has a solid and muscular build. When Yachi voices her fear of Karasuno possibly losing the game, Bokuto displays rare wisdom by telling her that it won't do her any good to worry about what comes later and should instead watch what is currently happening and see how strong the members of Karasuno have become; although he did have to confirm with Akaashi that he used the word 'exacerbated' correctly[8]. However, that night, Tsukishima suddenly approaches Bokuto and Kuroo in the third gym, where they're practicing. Bokuto is close friends with Kuroo Tetsuro, Captain of Nekoma High School and Keiji Akaashi, Vice-Captain, and Setter of Fukurōdani Academy despite being a second year.


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