history of cosmetology essay

This led into the 20s, which was in general, a huge decade for women’s liberation.

According to the Wilson Quarterly, South Korea has "an obsession" with plastic surgery, shaping how his environment will see him. Unlike the women in the Middle Ages who wore makeup on their cheeks, and lips but never on their eyes. After all, cosmetics do enhance a woman’s natural beauty. In today’s world, it has become a professional field under which several specialized fields are categorized as well, including hair colorist, esthetician, nail technician, makeup artist, electrologist etc.

Max Factor, while being a cosmetic line to this day, is also a man who is generally credited for inventing modern day makeup, because he successfully marketed the make-up he created for both movie actresses and everyday women in the first couple decades of the 20th century. The history of cosmetology is long and can be traced from many important cultures. While the Victorian era emphasized modesty and minimalism when it concerned cosmetics and make-up, they spared no extreme when it came to body shape and appearance. The earliest existing copy of the Ninnescah Herald is dated August 12, 1886, being Volume 1, … As for who the first cosmetologist was, that’s debatable. Cosmetology Cosmetology is a challenging career that combines, public service, chemistry and artistry. The first commercialized cosmetics were made in ancient Rome, and they included both higher quality and lower quality products. Most often, a working cosmetologist chooses to continue his or her education in cosmetology for personal and professional benefit. Now that the year 2010 is here so are the new hairstyles. A cosmetologist is like a master of all aspects of beauty, but they can also specialize in one area. The Ninnescah Post Office opened August 20, 1885. what are cosmetics (694 Words) Egypt is a country that is situated within the North Africa mainly. Cosmetology, quite simply, is the study and practice of beautification. Some of the 80s’ trends are being recycled today, such as skinny jeans and bubble skirts. Rubenesque women decorate paintings from Ruben’s Three Graces – and also the artist from which the term “rubenesque” comes from – to Giorgione’s Pastoral Symphony, to Titian’s Venus and the Lute Player. However, the fair skin, hair, and eyes were also typically seen as ideal in a woman during this era.

One type of cosmetic in the fashion industry would be eyelash extensions, or fake eyelashes. 123Helpme.com. Egyptian Cosmetology. The cosmetic industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States. For example, an esthetician specializes in skin care and helping clients achieve flawless skin.

Make-up and cosmetics were used long before the first century. Make-up was toned down to be more demure and less vaudeville, and foundation was used to enhance one’s natural complexion. when surgeons in India restored noses to persons who had them taken off as a form of punishment.” (History of Cosmetic Surgery, 2008) Many people have used over the years cosmetic and reconstructive surgery to enhance their physical appearance weather it be for health problems associated with birth defect or problems that. Then the last invention came during the last 2 years of the 20th century, “in 1998 creative nail introduced the very first nail pedicure.” Which today both men and women use to soften their feet or just to relax. For centuries, women put their health at risks to conform to the idea of beauty. They also work hard “to preserve the health and beauty of the skin, women used beauty masks and packs made from honey, eggs, milk, oatmeal, fruit, vegetables, and other ingredients.” Although once the 20th century hit the standard of beauty completely changed. We’ll occasionally send you promo and account related emails. “The history of plastic surgery origins in the early 800 B.C. The 70s bounced in shortly after, captured by disco, Soul Train, and Farah Fawcett, all emblems of the decade. Red ochre was also used to redden the lips, which was crushed into a powder. One of them would be henna, a stain that can be made into many different colors that people would put on their hair and nails. Course information can be revisited again and again, and the flexibility relieves any kind of pressure to have course requirements completed at a designated time.

This is, in part, how higher end cosmetic companies market themselves as a higher quality product. In contrast, women squeezed rib fractures and asphyxia right into their corsets, trying to crush their waists down to ludicrous sizes. Williams, who came up with the name by fusing the name of his older sister Mabel, and Vaseline – the main product used in the company’s first mascara. “The first people to use cosmetics were ancient hunters, who smeared ashes under their eyes to protect from sunlight, and covered their body’s in urine to chance their scent.” A lot like the ancient Egyptians who were one of the oldest cultures to introduce cosmetics, “Egyptians used things like, minerals, insects, and berry’s to create makeup and, henna to stain their hair.” One main thing that the Egyptians used was eyeliner to block out the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. Barbering has been around for many centuries. Then there are the curls, depending on the way you feel that day “you can use a curling iron to make them tight or lose depending on the style that you are going for.” As times are changing so is everything around us, we have went from women using makeup and working in hair salons to “Men’s only specialty spas and barber spas providing new opportunities for mens nail care specialists.”.

What set's today's standards of style and beauty a part from historical trends, is the sheer availability of beauty products and the vast array of services that can be provided by cosmetologist. Copyright © 2000-2020. You can potentially earn around $50,000 a year after only a year of schooling, perhaps even less if you opt for online cosmetology courses or you are continuing education in cosmetology. In these instances the provider still must hold a valid cosmetology license from any state. Appearance and beauty have always been a major aspect of womens’ lives, regardless of the era, century or decade.

Red lips once again made a comeback. Make-up, while also not untouched by the influence of women’s lib, was still feminine. Whether you’re rockin’ the 80s’ look with skinny jeans, the 60s and 70s with platform heels or revamping a 30s’ and 40s’ Hollywood icon face with red lips and long, dark-lined lashes. Many make-up lines also work like this and are in need of licensed cosmetologists to give on-site demos.

Although some sources say the first cosmetologists were ancient hunters who used urine and mud to camouflage their scent, in that case everything from bug spray to VapoRub is a cosmetic. It wasn’t until the beginning of the 20th century that women began to shave their legs, because clothing trends allowed for more skin to show. Although it still deals with the three main aspects hair, skin, and nails, we have discovered that there is so much more about cosmetology to learn. Luz Maria Martinez, a feminist who shares information on women’s history, noted that Queen Victoria did not want the British to adopt the French cosmetic ways so she banned makeup in the 1800s (Martinez). In addition to MAC cosmetics, Estée Lauder is a parent company to many other skin care and makeup brands.

Ancient China on the other hand used nail stain and elaborate hairstyles to show a since of wealth. It is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, Sudan to the south, Israel and Gaza strip to the northeast and Libya to the west and red Sea to the east. “Most of the time they relied on apprenticeships or slavery.” Now days you can attend a cosmetology school weather it be a high school course that you take or a collage course, but you complete 1500 hours, and pass your state board exam. Once we hit the 21st century we hit a time where cosmetology was optional. When motion pictures coincided with America, the viewers saw that the celebrities had a flawless complexion and perfect hairstyles. Thankfully, throughout its history make-up has come, Alexandrina Victoria reigned over the British for a longer time than any other royalty in British history. Sometimes a change in employment makes it necessary; sometimes a move to a different state may require further course training; sometimes it is other state regulations and laws. Sleeveless dresses spurred on marketing instructions and razor advertisements to encourage women to shave their underarms and legs.

Cosmetology has been around for a long time. For the women it was thought to make them look more intelligent, they couldn’t wear heavy makeup because it was thought to be discouraged.

Using this essay writing service is legal and is not prohibited by any university/college policies. I will be taking an analytical approach to the topic of how cosmetics and clothes loan their beauty to their wearer, creating in some cases a deceitful or ornamental mask. Followed closely behind these fast changing trends in beauty and style, are the changing expectations of styles and looks clients are demanding from cosmetologists. Would you ever guess that film makeup started back when there was black and white movies? There are also additional earning potentials open to cosmetologists, thanks to the many cosmetic and hair product companies. A colorist specializes in hair coloring and color theory for hair. They also wore wigs and hair extensions and most of them colored their hair.” The color of their hair, was used to indicate there class in society.

The 60s and 70s stomped on the conservatism of the 50s. Women in the 30s and 40s typically strove for sleek, wavy hair with color just like the blonde, red or brunette of whatever famous actress most idealized it. It’s also funny to think about the fact that, for as prim and demure as Victorian women wanted to be at all times, all of them had furry armpits and hairy legs under all that fluff and lace. As an individual's appearance escalates in importance, cosmetics play an increasingly crucial aspect in a person’s self-perception. A Brief Introduction To Cosmetology Beauty Essay This history of Cunningham begins with a history of Ninnescah. Although beauty ideals and standards may constantly change, the endless struggle to obtain them is deeply rooted in all of us. Egyptians used kohl for eyeliner, as well as a galena, which was a type of lead. There was no longer a rule stating that your hair color determined if you were high class or poor. While the latest beauty trends of the day tend to revisit and revamp looks throughout history, the changes in style are fast occurring and constantly changing.


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