how to smooth out touch up paint on car

OK so I had some scratches on my car door and I applied some touch up paint. You can get a perfect match to your paint color by providing them your paint code. Buff it out – Use a 600 grit sanding block to buff out the top of the touch-up paint color. Touch up paint comes in several types of containers. It’s best to apply several thin coats instead of one thick coat. These are people that aren’t as passionate about their vehicle as you or I am. If you’re nervous about trying to fix these blemishes yourself, don’t. You can practice applying paint on a metal can if you aren't confident enough touch up the paint right away. Touching up chips with spray paint is meant for dealing with anything larger than the size of a dime. Help Us & Share it.

Only use enough primer for one thin coat. A polisher or power buffer is usually overkill for leveling touch up paint unless you have a lot of chips and scratches over a large area. This is especially true of plastic bumper covers. What do you do? The next layer is the colored paint. Touch up pens are meant for dealing with scratches and chips that are the size of a pencil eraser or smaller. This kit of 2 compounds and 2 polishes is an ideal assortment for bringing the dull look of sanded paint back to a high gloss. Don’t be tempted to push really hard with the sandpaper because of this. Using touch up paint on a bumper might be different than using touch up paint on the car. I purchased matching touch up paint and clear coat from GM. What is the best way to smooth out and at what point do I apply the clear coat. This is complicated by the fact that applying clear coat over the top of the mid coat will change the color again. Content on DetailDIY is copyrighted.

You can choose whether you want to use a touch up pen, brush, or spray. Yes, you can. Did you find this article helpful? Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 381,464 times. Next, paint 2-3 layers over the area, letting the paint dry for 1 hour between each layer. Great microfiber polishing towels from The Rag Company will help you easily restore your finish without doing incidental damage. For the best results you’ll need to strip away any wax or sealant from the immediate area. You may be more willing to attempt to tackle larger jobs on your own but if you do you’ll have more success if you’re using the proper tools. Be sure not to build the layers up above the rim of the scratch or chip to leave room to apply clear coat. Debris from the road kicks up while driving to chip the sides, adverse weather can wreak havoc on the hood, and accidents can happen any time. If the scratch or chip has exposed bare metal and rust has started to develop you’ll need to sand that away. One method for determining if you have a single stage paint is to rub it with a white cotton cloth. Apply a bit of your chosen touch up paint to something with a shiny surface that you can use to compare the color to your car or truck finish. If you don’t have a polisher and have a big touch up job to tackle it may be worth picking one up. Knowing how to properly touch up rock chips and small scratches automotive paint is something you really need to know how to do if you’re serious about keeping your car or truck looking its best. Wet sanding involves using different very fine grades of sand paper with water sprayed onto the surface to wear away the excess touch up.

These rust removal products are made specifically for removing rust on the bodies of cars. If so, then there is no reason to sand.

A car that is used is bound to obtain a few paint chips. Try not to use any more pressure than necessary to get the desired results. 1500 grit sandpaper and a spray bottle are the tools you’ll need to wet sand an area you’ve touched up instead of using polishing compound or another leveler. When issues get larger than what a touch up pen can handle I begin to weigh the pros and cons of having the entire section in question resprayed by a good body shop.

This line of products is specifically engineered for a scratch-free finish which will help your polish last longer. You should apply a few coats allowing a minimum of 20 minutes between each application. Be sure to thoroughly dry the area that is scratched after you wash it. Use car washing soap, water, and a clean, soft cloth to clean the scratched area. Without prepping the spot first, the paint won't adhere well, and it could look 'globby.'. You'll find more detailed help here: You’ll need the right color of touch-up paint, primer for under the paint and a clear top coat, available from auto supplies stores or paint stores stocking car paints. The main differences are in how the touch up paint is applied. I find it a little less forgiving than rubbing compound because you have to maintain the lubrication and you still might end up with some light scratching if you’re not careful. You should be working in a shaded area such as a garage or car port. Rubbing compound will polish both the touched up area as well as the surrounding original finish to help blend in the area that was fixed. Ideally, you should wait about 3 days to apply any type of compound, wax, or polish to the surface of the new paint. Wax removers are available at most auto parts stores. These rough spots should be sanded down to ensure there are no bits of paint or plastic that stick up above the surface of the normal finish. If the chip in the paint reaches the metal underneath, apply a coat of primer as well.

This will allow the primer to stick. Chad is based in the Los Angeles, California area and uses his passion for auto detailing to teach others how to do so as he grows his company nationwide. I heard using sandpaper can help smooth it out. If you have difficulty matching the paint colors, speak to an auto paint specialist, who may be able to advise or even mix a suitable touch-up paint for you. It will ruin the finish. Before starting the next step, be sure that you’re not working in direct sunlight. The best car paint chip repair kit we’ve found is available from You fill the reservoir with your touch up paint and dab it into small chips or scratches. It isn’t really much better than a paint pen in my opinion but it is great if you have touch up paint in a bottle and need a way to easily control applying paint into small chips and crevices. As your sandpaper gets finer, it will remove less and less of the paint. Remove all the wax and sealant on the area and make sure any dirt and grime are gone as well. Polishing compound or a chemical leveler are often used with touch up paint to smooth out the touch up job and blend the touch up paint with the original paint. Also, if bare metal has been exposed rust has likely begun and will need to be removed prior to applying primer. Some use a touch up pen, which is my personal preference. Images from Alexander Parker’s Instructional Video. Consult an auto paint specialist if you are having difficulty finding the right color. Scratches that expose bare metal or plastic will require a layer of primer before applying touch up paint and clear coat. Wet sanding is very similar to rubbing compound but you’re using a sandpaper with the grit equivalent of compound. When you have a website with so many options, why would you look anywhere else? This article was co-authored by Chad Zani. Gasses release from new paint over time and if they can’t escape they can cause a bubbling look to the fresh paint. Use isopropyl alcohol or a good degreaser to remove these protective coatings in and around the scratch or chip. This will prevent you from messing up the area that has just been repaired. There are different types of touch up kits available on the market and many work quite well. By following the DIY repairs in this article, you will have all of the knowledge that you need to get your car right back to looking its best. 3M makes a great scratch removal kit which can be ideal for dealing with small issues in your clear coat. It’s a good idea to find the right name given to your car’s paint color, to get an exact color match. If you're looking to paint the whole car, see: I have 2 liquids, one is the color of the paint, the other is a clear liquid, which goes on first? Sanding is done in order to make sure your touch up paint is smooth with the older paint. There’s always that person that feels the need to park their car over the line and will be careless, opening their door directly into yours. Touching up chips with a paint brush is meant for dealing with chips the size of a pencil eraser up to the size of a US Dime. ), How Often To Clay Bar A Car (Paint Decontamination), How To Remove Dealer Sticker From Car (Safely), How To Remove Clear Coat (Without Damaging Paint), How To Remove Pinstripes (Vinyl or Painted). Note: The firewall is the piece of sheet metal that separates the engine under the hood from the passengers inside the vehicle. Touch up pens are my preferred tool. The mid coat isn’t a solid color and is essentially just a layer of colored tint on top of the base coat. Visit our partner Detailed Image and use our Coupon Code to save Today! Follow the directions that came on your top-coat container. The compounds from this system will ensure that you are getting the best finish possible as you’re figuring out how to smooth out touch up paint on car surfaces. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. The paint will either be in the form of a paint pen or comes in a small container or jar. Allow your top coat to dry for 10 to 20 minutes between coats. If you don’t have properly matched and high quality paint and all the tools you need then you’re wasting your time. Touching up car paint can fix ugly chipped pieces and obvious scratches, however, if you have paint blobs, it could make your car have just as bad as an appearance. Also, they offer primer in these forms as an option if you need it.

3M makes a. which can be ideal for dealing with small issues in your clear coat. You can use a rubbing compound on the touch-up paint, however, do not apply a rubbing compound directly to the paint that is drying or has recently dried.


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