irish spring soap uses

Freshen the air in your drawers or closets.

Please be sure to follow suggested hand washing techniques and CDC recommendations. The smell will repel chipmunks, squirrels, and rabbits, preventing them from coming in and turning your garden into an all you can eat buffet. Consider these 10 creative uses for Irish Spring soap and see how easy it can be to put this bar of soap to work for you! Who knew that Irish Spring was so useful around the home and garden? Some of these innovations are thanks to the soap’s ingredients, including sodium tallowate, which is derived from animal fat. Rub a dry bar of any soap all across the surface of the mirror. While you may use this soap to shower, the truth is you can use it for other household tasks as well. Place the baggie into their gym or school bags where the soap will help keep the bag smelling fresh. 1. If you use a cast iron pot or skillet over an open fire, it can quickly become quite sooty. Take a plastic baggie and poke a few small holes in it, then place some chunks of Irish Spring inside. It smells good, it is inexpensive, and the truth is it can be used in so many different ways aside from showering. Dampen the soap and rub it over the hole until it disappears from view. Irish Spring is simple to find. Take chunks of Irish Spring soap and place them in a small dish. You can try hanging a few bars around the space, or add chunks or shavings to the corners of the building and along areas where critters and pests would enter. With just a few shavings or chunks of Irish Spring I can protect my closets, basement, storage totes, and even my car and camper from being a hotel to pesky winter mice. 8. Unstick a zipper. A stuck zipper can put a damper on your day. All of our soap products wash away bacteria just like your favorite liquid hand soap. I am a Hoosier, blogger, freelance writer, author, and of course, a family gal. The green and white striped bars boasted double deodorants for long-lasting protection. Take a look. Soap works best on stains such as cosmetics, crayon or perspiration. 6. See how here. The oils in the soap will help the points glide more smoothly through the fabric. All of our soap products wash away bacteria just like your favorite liquid hand soap. The light layer left behind can prevent fog from shower steam.

The scent will keep the fabric smelling fresh. Make sure to coat the teeth above and below the sticky area. The smell of soap is a turn off for deer and will hopefully prevent them from coming in an nibbling on all of your garden offerings. Rub Irish Spring Soap on the casters of drawers and windows so they slide open and shut easily.

Did you know that Irish Spring Bar and Body Wash can be used to wash your hands as well? I earn a small commission off these links at no extra cost to you.

Please be sure to follow suggested hand washing techniques and CDC recommendations. Let’s get started. Keep your basement mouse free. Simply rub the bar of soap along the sides and joints of the drawer. Keep shoes smelling fresh. Copyright © Simplemost, All Rights Reserved. Soap can quickly patch nail holes. Have you already been using some of these tricks? Prevent this problem by rubbing the bottom with a bar of soap prior to placing it on the coals. Using a bar of Irish Spring Soap as a pin cushion makes needles glide through fabric. Keep deer from wandering into your garden. If you have deer, rabbits or other unwanted guests in your yard or vegetable patch, you might be able to deter them with a bar of Irish Spring or two. You don’t need to be Irish to feel the freshness of Ireland. Irish Spring soap can help. Over time, your household closets can start to smell musty. These 10 Creative Uses for Irish Spring Soap are sure to wow you! Protect your garage and shed. Oh, hello!

Place the stakes around your garden to ward off pests, who dislike the scent.

10) Make a pin cushion. Is there anything worse that stinky tennis shoes? If you’re losing sleep due to RLS or leg cramps, try tucking a bar of soap under your bottom sheet. Does your dresser have sticky drawers that continue to jam and drag? Make a pin cushion. This is an easy way to beat that sweaty feet smell that tennis shoes so often give off. I started using it a few years ago as one of my ways to keep rabbits out of the garden . Place a bar of Irish Spring Soap in dresser drawers or the linen closet to keep them smelling fresh. Questions or comments? This post contains affiliate links.

Rub Irish Spring Soap on the casters of drawers and windows so they slide open and shut easily.

Help dresser drawers slide with ease. When summer is over and after Irish Spring has protected my plants from critters, I use it indoors as one of my favorite ways to repel mice.

3. Turn your basement into a mouse free zone when you add Irish Spring bars of soap or shavings to the corners and windowsills. Did you know that Irish Spring Bar and Body Wash can be used to wash your hands as well? Other uses lean on the unique fragrance of the suds. All rights reserved. If you have a zipper that just won’t pull right, try rubbing some soap along the tracks.


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