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Is Mass Immigration Killing Two-Party Democracy in the U.S.? While legitimate, long standing gun clubs like the Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club (45 mins west of Tacoma) have been closed down by the County/State government on fake charges, several times since the 80s, after being open for a hundred years (literally, I used to shoot there and be a member).

[6][7] In the early 2000s, John Brown Gun Club members operated anti-racist stalls at gun shows in Kansas. The Light at the End of the COVID Tunnel is an Oncoming Train, Now Available THE BEGINNING OF SORROWS: An Apocalyptic End-Times Thriller.

At a Milo Yiannopoulos rally at the University of Washington in 2017, an antifascist protester was shot in the stomach by a Trump supporter named Elizabeth Hokoana, who then claimed self-defense; if convicted, she faces up to 15 years in prison. [7], During the Dakota Access Pipeline protests in 2016, Redneck Revolt published a pamphlet addressed to members of right-wing militias that argued there was no reason why "the white working-class [...] [should] find solidarity with rich white ranch owners against the government, but not working-class people of color defending their own land and community". Its first major mobilization was a protest against the 2005 national conference of the Minuteman Project . He was killed in the attack. He was kind and deeply loved by many communities; we cannot let his death go unanswered. The two main topics have been about how the virus fits into prophecy, and what’s going to happen with the economy. Ohio- Scioto RedneckRevolt, Cincinnati John Brown Gun Club. The John Brown Gun Club sought to "demystify" firearms and to distinguish their commitment to community self-defense from clandestine groups that advocated guerrilla warfare. [35], In October 2017, a branch of Redneck Revolt in Suffolk County, New York was involved in organizing a candlelight vigil for people suffering from opioid addiction and families affected by the opioid epidemic. states. I’ve grown bored with the communist claims that the ‘great right wing terror threat’ even exists.

When asked about how they would react if a survivor of gun violence came up and confronted them about their decision to bring guns into a public protest space, the Puget Sound Club members say that they would approach the situation with empathy. Nach einem erfolglosen gewaltsamen Versuch, Sklaven zum Aufstand zu bewegen, wurde er hingerichtet. To this end, Redneck Revolt has established a nationwide network of what are called “John Brown Gun Clubs.” The name is a deliberate reference to the abolitionist who famously led a raid on the federal armory at Harpers Ferry prior to the Civil War in an abortive attempt to seize weapons and arm slaves for a rebellion against their masters.

As Duke sees it, the root cause of American violence isn’t the guns themselves; it’s inequality.

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We're tackling a specific problem, which is white supremacy, which we find to be built into capitalism". This is the context in which an armed community defense group has been invited to protect a trans pride event. Its political positions are anti-capitalist, anti-racist and anti-fascist. We want to build relationships with people in our community, we want to appear approachable.”. The Puget Sound chapter is part of a long American leftist tradition of armed groups, from the Black Panthers to current groups like Redneck Revolt, the Socialist Rifle Association, Trigger Warning Queer & Trans Gun Club, and the Los Angeles Black Coyote Collective. We form coalitions with communities (of which many of us are a part) and organizations in our region - in particular, those from communities of color, indigenous communities, LGBTQ communities, all kinds of workers (from sex workers to tech workers), poor communities, houseless and migrant communities, religious minorities, those harmed by state violence (including prisoners), and organizations whose stated goals align with our goals. The north-west has been at the center of tense political clashes over the last two years. Seattle’s chapter of AntiFa view him as a martyr, writing on twitter: When our good friend and comrade Willem Van Spronsen took a stand against the fascist detention center in Tacoma, he became a martyr who gave his life to the struggle against fascism. The post Michael Snyder – America is […], Congratulations to the winner of the Upheaval Giveaway, Linda D!

And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. ", "The Caucasian Panthers: Meet the Rednecks Armed, Ready and 'Bout That Anti-Racist Life", "Hundreds in Eugene march against hate amid national outcry over neo-Nazi rally in Virginia", "Setting the Terms after Charlottesville", "Militia madness: City files suit against August 12 participants", "New suits filed against Aug. 12 rally organizers", "League of the South: No more armed rallies in Charlottesville", "Why Is Charlottesville Suing Two Anti-Racist Groups Over Last Year's Violent 'Unite the Right' Rally?


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