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Like the saying goes: when you give an inch, they take a mile. Elon Musk is his birthday buddy. A big part of Flex’s next chapter was announced in July, when Netflix revealed they were bringing a slate of UPN shows from the early ‘00s arriving to the app this Fall. “Reunited and it feels so good,” Smith wrote on Instagram on Wednesday (April 29).

I said, "Listen, you've had more success than a lot of people and it may not have been here, but people love you." Not only has this creative collective come together for the charitable organization, Social Change Fund (created by NBA stars Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade), they have gathered an incredible crew of singers from across music genres to spread the message of change in our black communities. TWITTER. How does that feel today?

27, Drew's Famous Instrumental R&B And Hip-Hop Collection, Vol. He was awarded two Grammy Awards for his work on the songs "We Belong Together" by Mariah Carey and "Be Without You" by Mary J. Blige. Following the eagerly met premieres of classics Moesha, Girlfriends, and The Parkers, One on One and Half & Half (Essence Atkins and Rachel True) premiered on Thursday on the video streaming platform.

Drew] just in time. 14K likes. In 2007, Austin co-wrote "Can't Help but Wait" by Trey Songz for his second studio album, Trey Day. They sang "Stand!" Johntá Austin is an American singer-songwriter, arranger, producer, vocalist and rapper, signed to Jermaine Dupri's So So Def Recordings. Watch some of the performances and cyphers below.

Covering current events, sports and the entertainment world, Austin went on to become the Atlanta Bureau Chief for the CNN weekly news program, Real News for Kids and the reporter for the TBS half-hour weekly, Feed Your Mind.

There will never be another Mary J. Blige—it's rare to find a queen.

He leaned forward, and his voice rose with passion as he discussed his frustrations with MCA. I try to tell her just, "Hold on to that and just keep doing what you're doing," because you see where everything is going in the business, in the industry. And they have a lot of work to do to gain his trust and respect. I will be at the Motown Cafe. "Puffy" Combs—and Berry Gordy before you—are entrepreneurs. Put some lyrics to it." However, he ended up writing a few songs for him (including the hit "Sweet Lady") as well as writing for other artists.

[7] It was followed by the release of "Dope Fiend" on November 29 later that year. Meanwhile, he owns Cancer as his Zodiac sign. But the run was still pretty spectacular. When she hit that note at the end, it's like "Woah, we got one!" Ahead of the official 30-year anniversary of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s debut, Will Smith hosted a virtual reunion with his cast members for the latest episode of his Snapchat show, Will From Home. Austin played tracks from Aaliyah and Chris Brown with Ne-Yo playing his own songs and hits from Beyonce. 43, Drew's Famous Instrumental R&B and Hip-Hop Collection, Vol. As of 2020, Johnta Austin was able to enjoy the perks of married life. is an affiliate site of Billboard, a subsidiary of Prometheus Global Media, LLC. This song is that reminder,” says legendary songwriter Ne-Yo. And they might be racist. He never spoke on his parents’ relationship. I love singing. Jodeci came to me because I had Al B. He is also featured as a guest artist on Jermaine Dupri's 2005 song, "Gotta Getcha" and has co-written a few songs on Chris Brown's self-titled debut album in 2005, such as "Yo, Excuse Me Miss" and "Poppin". We've endured such a tumultuous year, filled with tragic passings of notable celebrities, black lives publicly taken by authorities that took oaths to protect and serve, a pandemic with an ongoing quarantine status that continues to plague society and an economy that has tumbled to bury the empolyment market of everyday citizens. His followers count on IG stood at a healthy 38.9k. I remember having to explain the "You're like Jordans on Saturday" line to Stargate, because they're from Norway. The black executive becomes obsolete. (He was Dr. The producer and recording artist hopped on his social media account on Sunday (May 3) to chat with his fans and followers. And to have a good name and people that love you, I think, is a great thing.

How to calculate net worth: Calculating your net worth really isn’t all that hard, but it requires that you gather all the information surrounding your current assets and liabilities. Ciara was very young and early in her career. Up until 2004, he co-wrote songs for Aliyah and Toni Braxton.

Don't fly through it so fast. A post shared by VibeMagazine (@vibemagazine) on Jun 12, 2020 at 4:03pm PDT. They drove 13 hours, sat in my lobby for eight hours just to meet me.

There's no dig against anybody because a lot of them have said it. Watch the full interview down below as well as some highlights from their conversation. On birthdays and anniversaries, he showered them with love on Twitter, IG and FB. Owing to his songwriting prowess, Johnta flaunted $20 million in net worth. Verzuz, also known as Verzuz TV, is an American webcast series created by producers Timbaland and Swizz Beatz.. Verzuz was conceived during the COVID-19 pandemic as a virtual DJ battle, with Timbaland and Swizz Beatz facing off in its first iteration through an Instagram Live broadcast in March 2020.. Yet, like so many times before in the journey of black folks, music and its soothing nature of calming the storms we endure and the togetherness of song, our musical maestros are here to give us hope for better days ahead. I'm not gonna work for Motown, I'm gonna be Motown—in the way I dress, the records I put out, the causes I choose to get involved in, the artists from the past, the artists who are there now, and the artists in the future.

Austin grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. The same year Austin also co-wrote Mary J. Blige's single "Be Without You" from her No. He told me about this kid that he just signed but hadn't done anything with him yet. We could have had artists pay tribute to him—pop artists, rock artists, R&B artists, rap artists, everybody could have participated. Flex: Before I mention that, I'm excited about Netflix releasing One on One. "No, no, don't do that. Flex: And communication. The money and all that stuff will come. All eyes will be on him. She asked me, "Can I have a splash of that?" So I wrote 'Sweet Lady' for the artist that replaced me. It has really taught me to listen more because as the man you're like, "I got it." I would say just don't give up on yourself, keep trying. "Do you follow me?" And get out and vote as well. The crew also sent well wishes to Jeff, who recently recovered from coronavirus. Admittedly, the famed songwriter didn’t know what he would do without his wife. —that's already existing. Coming to the celebrated songwriter’s family life, Johnta Austin was raised by his mother and step-father. It was written around the same time as Braxton's "Just Be a Man About It" and 2000's "I Don't Wanna" -- somewhere around 1998. But when there's some sort of problem, the major label looks at the black executive: "Why can't you handle this act?" It may not happen overnight. And of course when you're sitting there with someone like Toni Braxton who has her own voice, you really listen and take from her of what she's trying to get across. I don't think [Interscope Records co-founder] Jimmy Iovine was sure about putting the record out as a single. I introduce myself and she asks, "I'm guessing you're a part of what we're about to do?" Austin grew up singing in church choirs and wanted to become an actor.

She says, "Something ain't right," and I'm like, "I got it." Reunited and it feels so… AHHHHHH! At Motown, Harrell says, he'll have more people, more prerogative, more punch. On how the global pandemic is serving as a wake-up call: The Bible, it forewarns us, as in those of us that are believers, those of us that are Christians, The Bible tells us that, "Beware of the times and the seasons, because you just don't know when the Son of Man is coming." But then, when I get online and I talk to the fans directly on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter, it keeps me going. Learning how to cut that off in my brain and go, "You know what? And of course, we went in the studio...[but] He did the music, he produced the music, and he said, "Mom, I'm sending over this track to you.

You talk to them about if you're pulled over what to do, what not to do.


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