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Leisurely and literary, this examination of the aristocratic Marchmain family seen through the eyes of Charles Ryder (Jeremy Irons, pictured right, with co-star Anthony Andrews) remains the benchmark for costume dramas. An honourable mention, too, for Unreported World (most episodes also on All4), which does its designated job with tenacity and insight. First broadcast the day after BBC Two launched, this programme for pre-schoolers brilliantly combined fun and games with an educational remit. Delighting and appalling those it lampooned, it doubles as a sort of Yes, Minster for hacks. One of the best-loved shows of all time, it’s fair to say that Only Fools and Horses’s quality is variable. Who can blame anyone's wicked thoughts, when MacLaine apparently escaped the old millionaire's room wearing nothing but a bath towel. I've seen this film when it was first released, and I found it to be not only very unique in the ambitious story told, but very uplifting for people on both sides of "The Wall". This was a total and complete binge for me and the wife this year: often two or more episodes a day. Told from the college student's memories, the early 1900s events are told with the purity of innocent romance known to all who have felt that warm feeling of the heart when falling in love for the first time. Unexpected complications seem to end in disaster, yet there is nothing that can ever stop true love. Jimmy Perry and David Croft’s sitcom is quintessentially British and a bona fide classic, full of slapstick laughs and sly satire. Weiser's non-stop talking and manipulating of everyone around her seems to be the focus of this, and any film she appears in. Salem, Massachusetts, may be the strangest city on the planet. The first season is a quick-and-dirty revenge tale setup, but the second digs deep into some juicy conspiracy and Game of Thrones-style political manipulation.

A wintry, deeply atmospheric John Masefield adaptation dating from an era when children’s television went all out to give its target audience delicious nightmares. The masterstroke was to cast Leonard Rossiter in the lead, increasingly exasperated by the superficiality of modern life and the idiocy of those around him (an unforgettable array of comic turns led by Geoffrey Palmer and John Barron). Colin Firth emerging from the Pemberley lake in his damp shirt was arguably the definitive television image of the Nineties. You might very well say that. Writer Sally Wainwright’s superlative double Bafta-winning police drama.

Finally, in terms of the shows I actually binged this year, the crown goes to Grace and Frankie season 4 and Nailed It!
With guilty feelings of betraying the little sister, the lovers meet secretly. Format TV doesn't get more delicious, and there's an unbreakable humanity to its endless contrivance. Last year's film version sated a few fans' thirst for butlers and ITV's recent Fellowes' drama Belgravia picked up the slack. Regardless of appearance, ethnicity, age or gender, everyone appears to be free game for the hooligans. And yet I also appreciate it for its quieter moments. Mickey Rooney is the newly orphaned drifter, looking to tie himself over until he can follow his own dreams. Lauren O’Callaghan, The shows: Mum, The Handmaid's Tale, Love Island, Killing Eve, and My Brilliant Friend. Yet the hopes and dreams of Peckham market trader Del Boy (David Jason) caught the public imagination and throughout the series’ long run there were many terrific moments combining slapstick (that bar-hatch pratfall) and genuine poignancy (Rodney’s courtship of the up-market Cassandra). The other love of my TV life this year was the fourth season of Jane the Virgin. Brandon Saltalamacchia, The shows: Better Call Saul, OK K.O.! Soapy. Some were sceptical about how compelling a partly fictionalised Windsor family saga would be, only to have those expectations thoroughly upended by the first series – a sumptuous, well-observed and surprisingly moving survey of Britain and its monarchy between 1947 and 1955. Public support appears to be minimal, yet our heroine presses on. You don't want to be conned yourself, after all… Zoe Delahunty-Light, I've been watching a few this year, but the two that stand out for me are Power and The Last Kingdom. Eccentric guests descend. The second series, covering the mid-1950s to the mid-1960s, including the Suez Canal crisis and the Profumo affair, was perhaps even better. With a few familiar faces (although everyone looks so incredibly young here), and a relatively confining story line, the viewer becomes acquainted with several very unique characters. A boy misplaces the worn out shoes of his little sister, and thus is forced to share his own pair of sneakers with her, taking turns attending school. Meganews! This gentle family sitcom was something of a sleeper hit when it first aired in 2016 – and has continued to delight until its third – and final – series. Both completely different, one is about drug gangs in New York City, and the other about Saxons in the year 872. It was promoted to BBC One the following season and four years later, went full-colour. Full of dazzling deduction, breakneck-paced plots and spiky camaraderie, the scripts are also crammed with knowing references to the original adventures – as well as so many twists, it’ll leave you dizzy with admiration and reaching for the rewind button. A strange bloke (until 2019, anyway, when Jodie Whittaker resplendantly took over) in a blue box, travelling through time and space, making friends and fighting alien threats. Refusing to give up, the matriarch finds many ways to assure a family income and to avoid giving up care for her children. Martin is the playboy heir to a family fortune, who owes his life to MacLaine, who saves him from drowning in a swimming pool. Writer Jed Mercurio’s masterly police corruption thriller became the channel’s top-rated drama in a decade when it debuted in 2012. The results offered unprecedented access and unusual intimacy, and were often deeply moving. Yet for thirty years, they were treated to memorable turns from the likes of Kenneth Williams, Rik Mayall and Judi Dench, while the Prince of Wales turned up to plug his own children’s book, The Old Man of Lochnagar. Now that I've watched both seasons of Sneaky Pete on Amazon Prime, I'm pretty sure I've effectively been tutored in the art of the con. In the end, this unlikely hit came to eclipse them all, dusting off the creaky and unremittingly cheesy Come Dancing format, adding some b-list stardust and giving the late Bruce Forsyth one last run in the spotlight.

The mod 60's are shown as the ultimate challenge to have as many sexual encounters as humanly possible. Ahead of its time in terms of satirising spin, it’s also fondly remembered for Gerald Scarfe’s opening titles. Not many "Ostfriesen" are still in command of the dialect spoken only in this remote Northern German region. A series of coincidences make everyone believe the young beauty was "involved" with Martin's rich uncle, who mysteriously passed on in his hotel room. I'm afraid I've watched the entirety of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix twice this year, because it's 20 minute chunks of glorious comedy, with a cast of characters that literally feel like you could slot right in as one of the gang. Suits hooked us in us so quickly and effectively I can’t actually remember how we chose to give it a go, but, eight seasons later, here we are. Here, Dracula is not just a final boss awaiting our heroes, he's a conflicted and complex man with faults, but also some admirable qualities. GamesRadar+ is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Let's Be Heroes, a simply delightful cartoon about the virtues of being a hero-slash-bodega employee. Recommend a TV show to anyone and you’ll likely be greeted with knowing shrugs and agreement that ‘there’s too much good TV’ but ‘I can’t get through it all’. Rachel Weber, The best joysticks to buy for PC flight simulators and more, The best tabletop RPGs you can buy right now, Best wireless gaming headsets 2020 - cut the cord with Sennheiser, SteelSeries, and more. Sam Loveridge. The BBC’s first proper soap opera is still the best, combining relevant issues, shock storylines and a large Dickensian cast of characters.

We couldn’t possibly comment. Alan Bleasdale’s comi-tragic look at unemployment in the north west was not only a polemic against Thatcherite politics but also a journey into the psyche of the white working-class male. Heinz Ruhmann and Hans Moser are paired once again in a light hearted comedy. The football show kicked off in 1964, showing highlights of one match per week. Dying traditions of old German village get unexpected injection of new life, Last chapter of a lonely life devoted to trains, seeking purpose and a glimpse of true happiness, World Literature coming to life in this "very French" Comedy, First Rate Handling of the Legendary Tragedy, An 85 Minute Campy Dietrich/Boyer Technicolor Dream. Taking the “fixed rig” concept to new heights, this ongoing success story embeds cameras in secondary schools (to date, in Essex, Whitechapel, Yorkshire, Cardiff and Greater Manchester) and watches the sparks fly. When Matthew Crawley died, 120m viewers mourned worldwide, while three Golden Globes and 11 Emmys are testament to America's enduring fascination with the British class system. A cringe-making comedy giant, whose recent movie outing proved he still has legs. Through the eyes of three women, each living in a different era of the 20th century, the audience gains insight into the torments of depression and repressed sexual feelings. There’s a galaxy for Whovians to explore here, from early gems when William Hartnell first encountered the Daleks and Cybermen, through to the current adventures starring Peter Capaldi. Our heroine Constance (played by Miou-Miou in yet another role where she seems to play the same character as always...herself) turns her passion for literature into an exciting and profitable "profession". Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss' ingenious contemporary reimagining of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic sleuth made a megastar out of Benedict Cumberbatch and became Britain’s most-watched drama in more than a decade. The entire underground language of conmen (and women) is exposed too, making Sneaky Pete unlike anything I've seen before - plus its twists mean you're always second-guessing people's motives. Three more series have followed and a sixth is in the pipeline. A genuine trailblazer, One Born Every Minute set the trend for Channel 4’s “fixed rig” documentary series, ditching voiceovers and editorial intrusion for more organic storytelling, courtesy of cameras fixed around a maternity ward. The performances, in particular, are astounding. Ironic, right? It was the last major British drama to be made in black and white and is still a masterclass in shaping a rather unwieldy set of novels into something gripping. A stylish, suspenseful drama crackling with chemistry between the two leads. The second round of The Sinner on the other hand is a tense guessing game built around a strange murder.


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