ootp perfect team strategy

All star is best. RE: Reyes and Murphy - yeah I'm sure there are a lot of guys I'm missing, but I only went through my available auction house players once and it took forever, so I hadn't thought to keep going through them. I've thought about doing a speed based team, but I just haven't seen many high speed guys who have the contact I want. The current formula is fixed, but all ratings for 3b are a little suspect. Posted by 1 year ago.

My main critique is that "not getting out" is still the most important thing, and especially so when there are so many incredible pitchers. Doing this means I can also possibly skimp on pitchers' movement (which affects home runs hit) in order to concentrate on other metrics. edit: OPS - yeah I may have made a mistake with OPS because slugging really seems overpowered. Of course you need to have decent fielders to take advantage of the gb/fb tendencies, but you already are recommending that cause there's plenty to choose from. This is helpful for platooning, but may not be helpful for comparing batters (although I forgot to include the original ratings for some players, so they only exist as vL vR splits). Set your strategy and tactics, then compete against players from around the world in leagues and tournaments to see who is truly the best! Don't edit players without real justification. Do you have any thoughts on global strategy setting? Earn special cards that unlock incredible results for your team in the regular season and tournaments! Ichiro is hurt by the fact that he's a singles hitter.

It will also differentiate great hitters and make one the obvious choice (if you're lucky enough to have that option). If you're letting fewer people on base (which is inferred from stuff+control+tendency) and giving up fewer HRs (which directly comes from movement) then that should be preferred. What players have made the most impact for you or for successful teams in your division? No clue though. In my defense, I had been reading about setting lineups right before I started this, and heard OPS was a good idea to use. I was running a team full of lefties in a park designed for lefties (1.2 park factors for lefties, 0.8 for righties) Got bored because I couldn’t use the righties I liked without them sucking. As I said before I don't have a complete database of all players, so if you find people who I don't have or come up with better ways of thinking about it, let me know!

OOTP 21 Perfect Team Starter Packs | FTP Strategy - YouTube For instance: does setting the stealing bases higher make you more likely to steal no matter what? The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Pitch counts, adjusting the sliders for shifts/stealing/hook starters/reliever, etc? Or better yet, find a retired longtime player of yours with high leadership and intelligence, convert him into a coach using the dropdown menu, and hire him. He was great. John Wockenfuss is still technically viable here, although I wouldn't want to start him. Note: The 1st baseman list isn't exhaustive because I didn't have infield ratings for many outfielders when I saw them, so be aware that some star outfielders may have the chops to play here. I did consider trying to do it. It's simple: Open a Historical League and play as the 1927 Yankees in Challenge Mode. Has anyone messed around with game/team strategy?

I started by looking at the OOTP editor and seeing how they calculated everything for OPS. The Player Strategy screen is another two-paned screen. He was my starting 2b for a while and I never noticed if he was doing poorly defensively. Thanks to some really helpful forum posts, most of my work had already been done for me, but I tweaked a couple things and came up with a formula for calculating OPS. Not sure if this is a repost, but I only found out about this strategy today.

In addition, I calculated defense from the base stats (catcher ability, infield range, outfield arm, ...) so that I could project players to other positions. share. Subreddit dedicated to the baseball management game, Out of the Park Baseball. Gonna disagree on your priority for pitchers. This year I placed 1st in my diamond league's starter ERA with a rotation of gold Niekro, Live Kershaw, and Silver McGinnity, Ojeda and Sad Sam Jones. I am on Diamond Level, and I agree with the RB Ichiro. Yes a little. % on the card type, you may sometimes see vL or vR. I decided OPS would be my golden metric (because it would be easy to calculate). I’m trying to learn about strategy settings too.

This thread is archived. I'm listing a bunch of players here, because honestly good catchers are really hard to come by/afford. If included he is the top prospect.

As with the other sections, see formula's down below to see what I worked with. There is a 3 day cooldown for pack awards, so you can do this roughly twice a week. I like to play without paying money, so I needed to know who the true hidden gems were of the league. Set your strategy and tactics, then compete against players from around the world in leagues and tournaments to see who is truly the best! I think they probably won't release them because then everyone would technically be able to deduce who are the best players pretty quickly.

I haven't calculated it out, Now we can calculate OPS = (hits + walks + hit by pitch) / (at bats) + (hits + doubles + triples * 2 + home runs * 3) / (at bats). 1st baseman infield error = same as 1st baseman infield range except for the [infield range > 45] example, use 18 instead of 30. No problem! I have heard people having luck with them (especially around landing some of the bigger perfect points awards). Does this change who we target? I'll test it out and see what it can do. Archived. If I recall correctly they don't even bother to make LH animations for video games anymore at 2B. If you've got a guy that's xFB or xGB and a decent amount of stuff, that pitcher will likely have a lower WHIP than the guy who just gets K's.

Perfect Team is an incredible free online mode in Out of the Park Baseball 21. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, http://www.ootpdevelopments.com/board/showthread.php?t=269144. Play against Perfect Team managers from all over the world in an multi-tiered league system with promotion and relegation. Keith Hernandez can’t play any of the infield positions besides 1B. If you wanted, I'm sure you could build an all out offense no defense team that would hit very well, although your pitching may suffer for it. John Wockenfuss - insane hitting ability for a bronze player. TL;DR Some players are just better than others within their rankings, and are even better than players above them. Buy your team. McGinnity had an off year with 4.27, which was the highest on the team. Stuff is the most important thing to a pitcher in my opinion. Close. Perfect Team Strategy? Perfect Team Strategy? This team did this while being last in K's and having 500 less strikeouts than the leading team. We'll see though, because it would make my work a lot easier! Well, technically he can but he will be trash defensively because he will never increase his positional rankings because he’s left handed. There's really a dropoff after these two, so just target one of them. I think I can safely say those 3 for about 5K points those guys can be your 1-2-3 and you will likely be in a great situation! It seems to work well but still no championships. I'm attaching my formula's I calculated here if they are of interest to anyone.


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