parajet maverick netting
And do it all while delivering maximum smiles. Small just got mightier. It’s actually incredibly simple and brilliant at the same time - typical Parajet design and clever thinking. If I get into power paragliders, then I’m sure that thermalling will be on the menu. But is it really as good as it looks? FREEDOM IS SIMPLE BREATHTAKING PERFORMANCE WITHOUT OVERWHELMING CHOICE – JUST GRAB YOUR MAVERICK AND TAKE FLIGHT. Any opinions are welcomed on motors and wings for my goals and flying location. Thermalling is possible, but definitely not as fun as it is on with your free flight gear. Keep up the great work, 12 years we have been supplying happy customers with Parajet's there is good reason for that.   Your previous content has been restored. No more fumbling for the start handle, just quick convenient solid dependability. SNAP-FIT NETTING SYSTEM ... HARNESS ARM £ 162.00 ex VAT. Kester Haines did all of the engine testing in a consistent environment, so I think it’s safe to say that Parajet’s comparison figures are safe to use. Ok I’ve busted a prop due to my inexperience when starting but I’ve now had at least 3 net failures the latest due to a failing boa tensioner in flight which totalled the net and another prop and starting to wonder about what the actual purpose of the maverick net is and if fit for purpose!?! Not all readers will want a brand new paramotor, most of my readers are weighing up their options before deciding. As leading experts in aerial adventure, Parajet aims to inspire and ignite your passion for personal freedom. The soft glow and timeless allure of its lightly brushed and polished surface is hard to resist, impossible to ignore. The 78cc Atom 80 offers silky smooth and linear acceleration with minimal vibration. We strongly recommend that you consult a qualified paramotor instructor before purchase. By pushing the sport (even through their BG brand which got paramotoring into circles of people who would normally not have discovered it) the sport benefits as a whole; schools benefit, wing manufacturers benefit, shops benefit and pilots benefit. 1 x Maverick netting bag 1 x Parajet prop covers. We try to provide information and imagery of our products which are as accurate and representative as possible, however changes in specification and the odd mistake can happen! This engine has been powering paramotors since the first miniplane was built back in 1989. The snap-fit netting system combines with the airframe to create a synergy of simplicity and safety. The travel case is impressive. I asked Advance, and they have advised me that it can be used for paramotoring up to 140kg total load. And this gives customers confidence in the products. Regular price $15.00 Sale price $0.00 Quantity. The V5 is a fantastic machine. This makes it one of the lightest paramotors on the market, and it's been one of their biggest selling points. × The experience just isn’t the same when you have all of this heavy gear and a lumpy engine strapped to your back. Hi Elias, unfortunately I can’t really help as I don’t have any experience with Fresh Breeze. Maverick’s ergonomically positioned pull-start mount places the handle in easy reach helping to take the anxiety out of starting your engine and is the perfect remedy for pilots with limited shoulder mobility. Looking after your hook-in points, Beginners, Flying tips, Para-Talk, Safety, How much does paramotoring cost: Equipment and annual running costs, How high can paramotors fly? In less time than it takes to drink your morning brew, you’re ready to throw it on your back and start having fun. The cage netting is held in place by fastening loops, which make damaged netting very easy to replace. the Parajet Maverick w/ the large 17 L fuel tank / 185 engine combo. The Maverick is the latest offering from Parajet, and it's quickly become one of the most popular paramotors to see at the field. The words carbon and enduro relate to the cage and its spars. Sorry, please fill out your email address. But Parajet’s test pilots have confirmed it is strong - you could do power launches, although they're not encouraged (or necessary with most modern wings). At their worst they will still manage around 3 litres per hour, and no premixing fuel so you’ll also save money on oil. Simple, ingenious design. This machine will suit pilots looking for a quieter, smoother running engine, and it's been especially popular with cross country pilots. I’ll leave your comment here and hopefully one of my readers might be able to help you a bit more. Just a side note I should mention I am a paraglider of intermediete skills, and have flown regular paragliders and mini-wings. Many manufacturers tackle this problem by using stronger materials like titanium, but then you add to the price tag. The miniplane will suit pilots on a tighter budget, or those who want a much simpler design. Show your true style with anodized components to compliment a choice of rich, reflective net rings that really achieve a spectacular finish to your Mav. Strong, lightweight titanium airframe. It's worth noting, the comment "buy cheap buy twice" is very true however it's worth bringing to attention the sport we love is flying which due to its 3rd dimension is far less forgiving than almost all other hobbys "buy cheap and you are gambling with your life" ! So beginners who are likely to have a few falls may wish to choose the super tough V3 from Parajet, or one of the others in this list. The elegant lines of the Parajet Maverick airframe accentuates the natural beauty of Titanium. Anything they can make, they do make, including Zenith back plates, hand throttle, cage spars, cages, frames - anything which can be made with their CNC machines. This seems great. Choose the smallest engine you can get away with to keep the weight down, and preferably avoid a clutched engine, as the spinning prop will increase drag. The perfect well-mannered training workhorse one minute, to dominating technical cross-country without a second thought the next. It ensures the starter handle is always easily within reach, without any fumbling over your shoulder to find it. Building a lightweight paramotor is tricky, because you inevitably loose strength. Parajet has full access to its own manufacturing machines for most of the components. To keep the ABM lightweight and cheap, Miniplane have used aluminium for the main frame and chassis, fibreglass rods for the outer hoop, and carbon fibre spars. I’m openly a big Parajet fan so here’s my take on the company and the experience of being a customer. Sporty but well balanced, the Moster 185 Plus is able to offer superior performance. Then it takes another three hours to string it and rivet it. It’s been several years since I last had a look around ‘backstage’ in the factory and it has evolved dramatically, having now moved into its own facility in the connected adjacent building. Well-formed, conversation starting good looks. You’ll love flying the Maverick so much that you’ll just want to fly it further and for longer. The Maverick is brought to life through its choice of Vittorazi engines. More from this collection. Air Conception took the paramotor market by storm a few years back, by producing one of the lightest paramotors in the game. It’s identical to the original netting. First time trying out the new go pro as I setup a place to hang my Parajet Maverick while I break in the motor. Thought this was no longer available? Air Conception have their own engine, where they have lost a lot of the weight in their machines. Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus My’20 fitted with carbon cooling shroud for increased power, greater reliability and more fuel economy, 1.25m Carbon E-Prop propeller capable of producing 75kg of thrust, Multi-functional travel case and accessories pack for the Maverick is durable and water resistant, letting you bring your Maverick safely everywhere you go. This is with an accompanying explanation of why things have been done a certain way, or why certain materials have been used over others. The wing weighs 7kg, the Parajet Maverick weighs 24.5kg, the quad will weigh about 8 kg, and I weight about 100kg, so it just works. Good Job! Cheers! Prices start at £6420 / $8510 for the Scout Carbon with a standard Moster 185 engine. Primed with a carbon fibre cooling shroud, 1.25m e-Prop and a range of accessories, these enhancements will improve the performance and life of your Maverick whether it’s being transported, stored or flown. As leading experts in aerial adventure, Parajet aims to inspire and ignite your passion for personal freedom. Brilliant, that is really worth knowing. As you pull the throttle you create more torque, but you also speed up the propeller, which pulls even more air past the spars to further lessen the torque effect. Not having the option of building a lightweight engine, using the Moster, with its power to weight ratio, solves that issue for the Maverick. Also, I would love to do some tandems in the future. The Maverick has a fuel tank capacity of 10 litres, which will give you 2.5 hours of flight time with the Moster 185 engine. Should you be beady-eyed enough to spot a mistake on any of our website pages please let us know via the email in the footer below. And do it all while delivering maximum smiles, The most enjoyable paramotor is one that everyone can use. This works out to be very expensive and impractical and not good for maintaining happy pilots. The paramotor you selected has been successfully added to your cart. Having someone to explain everything to you and answer all of your questions is an enlightening experience and is just one of the reasons I chose Parajet for my paramotor and remained with Parajet ever since.


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