pennsylvania pattern broad axe
“The Mann Axe Works: Pioneers build a factory,” and other titles. In 1895, Sager received a patent (no. American Axe and Tool Co. purchased the factory and in Oct 1892 after 64 years of operation, it was closed. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED or your money questions asked! The company employed a number of euphemistic names, including “Common Sense Axe,” “Old Reliable,” and “Stub & Twist.”[47], Axemann & Bellefonte, PA (1825-1892) ‒ Harvey Mann & Son, Reedsville & Yeagertown, PA (1835-1903, 1901-1923) ‒ William Mann Jr. & Sons, Mill Hall, PA (1849-1890, 1891-1926) ‒ Robert Mann & Sons, The Axe Trust ‒ American Axe and Tool Co. (1890-1921), Mann Edge Tool Co. at Lewistown (1893-2003) & Mill Hall, PA (1904-1926) ‒ Joseph R. Mann, Other local and major axe producers in Pennsylvania, Axe producers in Centre, Clinton, and Mifflin Counties, Major Axe Producers and Factories in Pennsylvania (operating after 1900). Handle is 28" long, from top of head. In 1966, portions of Collins were acquired by Mann Edge Tool Co. Its great plant at Collinsville, CT was closed and equipment was moved to Lewistown. He re-equipped the plant to produce edge tools of all types. Virtually zero rust but moderate pitting throughout. An 1884 Mann catalog refers to this site as “Willow Grove.” This was the site of the Hall and Rawle mill, purchased by William Mann on Nov 20, 1847 (Fagley, at 13). Fagley (at 37) and Lamond (at 46) discuss the involvement of Joseph Mann in this short-lived attempt. The great plant was capable of producing 2,000 edge-tools per day, but equipment was removed and the plant was razed in 2012. Good/VG antique condition with minor -to- moderate overall wear from normal use over the years but NO breaks or repairs. The exact significance depends on the company; it indicates both the year that Robert Mann struck out on his own and the year when James H. Mann joined his father, William Jr., in the axe-making business. [53] Around 1832, he moved to a small farm near Unionville and leased a shop in Unionville (possibly on 1861 Walling Map as a “tin shop”). Ellis, Franklin (1886). Throughout this lengthy period, the businesses endured despite personal illness, early deaths, family disputes, financial difficulties, and fire and flood disasters that often struck axe works. Joseph, however, withdrew for a time to try his hand at farming. ), Yeagertown, PA – Collins was established in Connecticutin 1826 and later built what is regarded as the first genuine axe factory. [31] In 1881, Robert decided to retire, with management of the Lower Plant entrusted to son Thomas, while Joseph and Alfred operated the Upper Plant. Robert Mann was born on June 13, 1824, meaning that he was 20 years younger than Harvey and 22 years younger than William Jr. Lamond (at 20) suggests that the Ricker Works was adjacent to the site used for the Lower Plant in Mill Hall (the old Diamond Cement Works), but Fagley (at 21) places it in Lock Haven. Describes forge operations near Tyrone, including William Mann Axe Factory at Cold Springs Forge. Linn, John Blair (1883). [22] Mann Ave exists today as a reminder of the town’s industrial past and at the end of Rosemont Ave sits the William Mann Jr. [47] In 1966, portions of Collins were acquired by Mann Edge Tool Co. Its great plant at Collinsville, CT was closed and equipment was moved to Lewistown. Goosewing Broad Axes are named for their unique axehead; it resembles a goose in flight. William Jr. and Harvey Mann started production of axes in 1825 in Bellefonte. [25] Robert was now 25 years old. Very thorough, especially presentations of brand etchings and labels. The plants at Yeagertown and Tyrone were closed as the Trust attempted to reduce overall industry capacity and increase prices. Axe production at the time was largely a calling of blacksmiths, and the factory was among the first to employ machinery. Essington and McMullen (1841-1851)/C.K. Account of Robert Mann’s operations in Mill Hall, including labor strike of 1882. List of PA producers. A thorough description of operations at Mill Hall, including estimate that main shop had a length of 155 feet and forging shop had 13 fires. Franchises were a third form of early trust consolidation. Fagley, at 17. Man’s second tool: Mann’s first tool. “Is it Belles Springs, Yankeetown or Lamar?” Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Nov 18, 2007. The plant was dismantled around 1970. [38] Further, members of the Mann family found that subordinate supervisory roles were not to their liking and either resigned or were discharged from AAT. 2.0 oz.. Mann, at 37. In 1851, McMullen left the business, and Essington and his sons continued on. The trust movement was the consequence. (1968-1986? Later, in 1902, an attempt was made to consolidate the virtually the entire axe industry through formation of the International Axe and Tool Co. See “Possible Axe and Tool Consolidation,” The Age of Steel (Jul 5, 1902) at 33. Another fire at the Lewistown plant occurred on Jan 23, 1910. BLUE BELL (KYW Newsradio) — Pennsylvania's oldest licensed restaurant and bar closes it's doors Saturday night. Provides additional coverage of affiliated operations and aliases. Percy Mann, son of James, died at age 73 in Lewistown, PA on Aug 12, 1949, and was probably the last of the family to have been directly involved in axe-making. Originally appeared in the Centre Daily Times (Feb 23-May 7, 1938). The Reedsville factory was finally closed in late 1903. History of Centre and Clinton Counties, Pennsylvania. [52], William Mann Sr. (1828-1860), Unionville, PA – William Sr. made edge tools and axes in Johnstown, NY area and relocated to Bellefonte in 1828, with his wife and four younger children. [20] Around 1889 the plant was damaged again by a flood, and then in 1890 the factories were purchased by the Axe Trust. From Juniata Iron to the Space Age. In 1920, Mack was acquired by Winchester Repeating Arms Co., and its equipment was moved to New Haven, CN.[59]. Antique "TACY WATCH CO." COMPASS TOOL Drafting / Repair? History of that part of the Susquehanna and Juniata Valleys embraced in the Counties of Mifflin, Juniata, Perry, Union and Snyder. "CYMA SWISS MADE" Rare! A high-quality axe, many Norlund hatchets have a distinctive Hudson Bay (“tomahawk”) pattern. It had a  canted socket so you no longer needed a bent or offset wood handle. The factory was purchased by Robert at the sheriff’s sale for $6,000, paid for partly by sale of 100 acres of factory-owned land. State College, PA: Privately published. After several failures at other locations, Robert relocated to Mackeyville in 1847 to work in a retail store owned by Willis. [2] Initially, output was limited to felling (“chopping”) axes and soon grew to over 300 axe heads per day. Relatively few axes carry a date-imprint. As a result, the number of axe producers listed or found for Pennsylvania exceeds the number of actual producers of interest or importance.


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