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New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. RELATED: The 50 Best Halloween Movies of All Time. What you need: An umbrella with photos of famous guys taped to it. Affixed posterboard "X's" w/ ribbon bows on each forearm - … Another year I made a 2 liter bottle jet pack affixed to a gangster style vest and gangster hat w/ a Joker card held in place. Never created a password? And the crowning piece was a toy handgun which had a shot glass affixed to the end and a mini bottle of Scope affixed to the top - that's right, my shot gun w/ a scope. 4. What you need: A black T-shirt, cat ears and many photos of the same cat.

One year I went as "Duck A l'Orange" (it's a fancy french dish). The Cat’s Pajamas. All rights reserved. For a lower-brow twist on the French food theme, just grab some bread and a striped tee. . What you need: Black pants, tape and Smarties candies. 53. what's the point? ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. RELATED: The 50 Best Halloween Movies of All Time. I always do a pun costume for mine, because like you, I agree that the run-of-the-mill ones are lame. What you need: An SAT prep book and a frilly, collared shirt. A small table with a lamp. Girl in a regular looking bee costume, with a toy AK-47 and grenades on a bandoleer. What you need: A cocktail dress and animal ears. Create one here. What you need: A tank top and a photo of a shark. Posted by 12 hours ago. That was the year 1 in 10 guys went as 'The Joker' so I decided to go as Steve Miller Band's Joker instead. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Alternately, you could ditch the stethoscope in favor of scrubs. Sure, but everyone knows a good pun is timeless. Some space ray beam things on my forearms and a heart shaped name tag w/ a bullet hole in it which read 'Maurice'. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Permission granted to have a bit of an attitude all day. What you need: Any shirt with a potato chip taped to the shoulder. What you need: A ‘Hamilton’ T-shirt, a red wig and a Cosmopolitan. What you need: A white T-shirt, a crown and the letter ‘B’ somewhere on your person (we’d probably tape it to our shirt). It’s incredibly over done and not that funny to begin with. What you need: Pajamas and cat ears. Press J to jump to the feed. What you need: A bob wig, big sunglasses and a parka. 1. Without further ado, here are some of the best pun costumes (most of which you can create from items you already own). You’re in luck, because there are actually lots of clever costumes you can put together with (very) minimal effort. The skull image on front of my shirt had a foam clown nose on it, the back read 'The Pun-Isher'. some people call me Maurice (whew whew) cuz I speak of the pompotous of love. Cookies help us deliver our Services. A kid's set of nunchucks w/ a pic of Chuck Norris on one side and a nun on the other - yep, nunchucks. Have your friends ever rolled their eyes at your dad jokes? How many people waste money being someone else's creation (Harry Potter, Star Wars, GOT, etc.). I was inspired years ago hearing a woman describe one of her super fun costume ideas. Unless it's fun to create and describe (cause let's face it the #1 question at Halloween parties is 'what are you?') Writing 404 costume not found a plain white tee shirt with some jeans really shouldn’t count as a costume. What you need: A beret, a striped shirt and makeup inspired by the band Kiss. Yes, and for that we salute you. Nobody got it, I blame Homestar runner and Julia Child for making me think Duck A l'orange was some kind of famous dish. She was 'Partly cloudy w/ a chance of rain'. I dressed up as Alex from Clockwork Orange with bowler hat, white outfit, suspenders, made-up eye, everything but a cod piece and cane. What you need: Maroon clothing and a printed out letter 5.

Sign up for PureWow to get more ideas like these (It’s free!). What you need: A stethoscope and a witch hat. What you need: A red wig and a loaf of bread. Happy Halloween, everyone! Those are brilliant! POST. Final score: 362 points. My problem are the sites and creators that push these “super easy” and “funny” last minute costume ideas. 2. 53. Too shy to go out. Bedsheet ghost with aluminum cans stitched randomly all over it. Are you sure you want to remove this item from your Recipe Box? You can also add a blanket-cape, to really hit the regal idea home. A seasonal subreddit to post pictures of you in your costume - and only pictures of redditors and their costume! share. Plastic green koolaid bottles strapped to my belt - my green-ades. What you need: A crown and a stuffed animal.
Funny/Pun costumes are very boring. If it happens to start raining on October 31, you’ve absolutely won the night. I dressed as 'The Pun-isher' one year and let me tell you, I've never had so much fun devising, dressing, and explaining my costume! Did America Ferrera leave the cast of Superstore at the beginning of this year? What you need: A cocktail dress and a tall black hat. More posts from the unpopularopinion community. save. This post may include affiliate links. The best part?

You get to eat Smarties all night. At most it’ll get a “oh I see, nice.”. I had a bandolier strap w/ peanut shells, my shells. I’m not trying to be mean spirited or gate keep Halloween by forcing people to buy super expensive costumes. What you need: A nametag that says 'Life,' and a basket of lemons. It was One Nightstand. First time crossdressing for Halloween. You’ve gotta keep fellow partygoers on their toes, you know? When you’re a Francophile who’s also a metalhead. How many female 'sexy' costumes can there be? mankardo Report. Are you too lazy to buy a whole Halloween costume you’ll wear once and, as soon as the night is over, toss in the back of your closet? What you need: A beret, a striped shirt and a laundry basket. What you need: A beret, a striped shirt and a piece of toast. Best of all, your drink will never get warm. Plastic green koolaid bottles strapped to my belt - my green-ades. I made this video so that you will light up your party, by setting it on your biggest screen!


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