rectus femoris pain
– Experiencing knee pain; Thanks for a nice intro to the RF. You are likely to find a tender trigger point there. The dark green color areas represent the muscles of the human body. Thank you! What a great anatomical highlight on a key muscle Christina! I really appreciated the detail and fairly easily found the trigger point 1/2 way down my thigh. Thank you so much!! I generally don’t spend a lot of time sitting so this may have been the culprit. After rolling the rectus femoris with an alpha ball, a great stretch is “couch stretch,” which allows for a deep stretch of the hip, quad and psoas, all at once. Oh My Wow! Look out for part two of this blog to learn some! We’re sharing authentic stories & content to inspire you to chase your version of greatness. Christina's passion is to inspire and empower her clients to rid themselves of pain and injury so they can perform at their BEST and live life to the FULLEST. Identifying and outlying the two different joints it affects is a big eye opener for most people. Thank you! All rights reserved. I have another piece to my body puzzle.

Anterior thigh, Anteromedial thigh, Buttock, Low back, Sacroiliac joint. Gee i really have too look deeper into this!!! If the rectus femoris is damaged or weak, it will also put more strain on your hip flexors and the lower back. Rectus Femoris muscle pain symptoms and causes of trigger points. Skill sets are the things healthcare providers learn after they graduate. "The most important thing is to try and inspire pe, This error message is only visible to WordPress admins, KHO Health/ KHO Lab Acquisition by 9INE POINT, Shin Splints From Basketball and What To Do About Them, Ep. Depending on a self-diagnosis and a foam roller may be a good early strategy. So, and in the morning I felt had knee pain in the right knee, where I have my tight psoas. In the article I read: “If RF has trigger points, you will notice tightness in your anterior thigh, and possibly some pain in your knee, when… Read more ». The most obvious is feeling pain right on the muscle. I am wondering in what area of the knee a tight RF will show up in; will it be primarily in the front of the knee? So it is no surprise that my rectus femoris needs a little TLC! It’s not uncommon for issues proximally to create symptoms distally. A great healthcare provider will evaluate you, and help you figure out the best plan of action based on your activity level, where you are in your season, injury history and how urgently you need to get back to being healthy. Makes sense as everything is connected through our fascia trains. My RF has trigger points and I do have a lot of tightness in my anterior thigh. Tight, strong quads and stretchy hamstrings. Jill Miller, C-IAYT, ERYT is the co-founder of Tune Up Fitness Worldwide and creator of the self-care fitness formats Yoga Tune Up® and The Roll Model® Method. For her nothing helped her knee pain like rolling out those bands along with the quads as you suggest. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.
The key to success as an athlete is staying healthy and making sure the injuries are dealt with appropriately. Because this muscle crosses two joints and has two actions (to flex or bend the hip and extend or straighten the knee) it is more prone to trigger points and tightness. This is an excellent article that will benefit many people I know: Learning how muscles/tendons/joints are attached really brings home the point about how having knee pain might actually originate from somewhere else in the leg. Interestingly, trigger points in the psoas (deep hip flexor muscle and core stabilizer) can contribute to them in rectus femoris as well, so it is wise to treat both of these muscles together. Liked this article?

If you believe that you have a condition listed on this website, you should visit our physical therapy offices in Astoria, New York and seek the advice of a licensed physical therapist who is experienced in the recognition and diagnosis of myofascial pain. The rectus femoris muscle is one of the four quadriceps muscles of the human body.The others are the vastus medialis, the vastus intermedius (deep to the rectus femoris), and the vastus lateralis.All four parts of the quadriceps muscle attach to the patella (knee cap) by the quadriceps tendon.. I also found the part about knee pain and buckling of the knee in relation to a tight RF interesting. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Read Q-Angle, Patella, and Quads, Oh My. So if knee pain has been nagging you, I suggest you learn how to treat this muscle! Alleviating the tightness in the rectus femoris has had a great impact on relieving knee pain. Thx! Wow– thank you for all the context on what the manifestation of a tight rectus femoris can look like! 9INE POINT Health is the best place to start your search for a health care provider to help you stay healthy. Having to comment on 3 blogs a day is turning out to be a great learning experience about a great deal of subjects. You may also notice pain in the other quad muscles, the groin, your hips may be more tired than usual; severe knee pain may also be a symptom. The most obvious is feeling pain right on the muscle.


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