tactics ogre psp buried treasure locations

There is at least one enemy here you MUST persuade: the Witch. corner of the map; that is, the corner that is nearest the bottom side No major plot twists are revealed.

Tactics Ogre Armor Guide Volac: ... INT +3, AGI +4, Enables user to teleport to another location; dropped by enemies during the battle at Hell Gate B1 and by Zadova, leader of the battle at Hell Gate B3. "First, the name of the location (as shown on the map) is listed, along After series of bad lucks, there is always good luck follows. The Kastolatian Sea is said to have been the location of the final battle between the forces of humanity and the underworld during the Ogre Battle. If you can attack the enemies in the water while on land, you will do extra damage to them. Her Lullaby will be more accurate, and her Trident does more damage than Minerva's Pike. Welcome to the Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together Wiki Manypages are under construction Hints and Tips Remember, we always need help with editing and putting more accurate information on pages. Tactics Ogre Item Guide Andoras: As I'm sure you can imagine, there are numerous items that you can obtain throughout the game of Tactics Ogre. ( 7,13): Group 1 Random Treasure (4s Plain, BURN) After the battle, Eleanor will join you as a guest. (0,0) is the co-ordinate of the BOTTOMMOST You can even keep her and use her in your party, if you wish. This guide lists both good and bad items, the good item first then the bad item following the "or" designation. tiles the map takes up at its *widest* point.

(7, 5): Group 1 Random Treasure (5s Ground)

Also, persuade the Wind-elemental Mermaid, as you won't be getting Aerial to join you. Gracula (16x22)

This battle looks very challenging at first, but it's not really. ( 3, 2): Group 3 Random Treasure (3s Ground) ( 1, 0): Group 2 Random Treasure (4s Snowy Plain, BURN) Cybil will be a guest in this battle, and she is a very powerful ally. (11, 0): Group 2 Random Treasure (4s Ground)

Aquila (17x15) Group 3 Contributed by Terence and DeadS (6,12): Group 2 Random Treasure (9s Ground) there is no equipments hidden in map. Item Effect How To Acquire; Cure: Restores 50 HP: Purchase Find as buried treasure. Belleza (14x12) (13, 3): Group 1 Random Treasure (7s Stone Floor) Her defenses are VERY low, but she will run away from the baddies and towards your party. Well, you killed poor little Minerva. find at that level, so if nothing else, these are the items you should Now, go back to Scabellum, save, and then travel back north to Vespa Hill to fight an optional battle. One Vision mod for Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together.

Battle 9b: ArenaObjective: Defeat the Leader!Leader: Minerva, Mermaid (Water, Neutral) (Pike, Chain Mail, Water Ring, Bandana), leaves Water RingEnemies: Mermaid (Water, Neutral) (Pike, Chain Mail, Plumed Headband)Mermaid (Fire, Neutral) (Pike, Chain Mail, Plumed Headband)Mermaid (Fire, Neutral) (Pike, Chain Mail, Plumed Headband)Hawkman (Water, Neutral) (Halt Hammer, Chain Mail, Ice Shield), leaves Ice ShieldHawkman (Fire, Neutral) (Halt Hammer, Chain Mail, Tower Shield)Octopus (Water, Neutral)Octopus (Fire, Neutral).


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