the belt of hippolyte
This was no ordinary belt and no ordinary warrior. Hence it would describe the seeker who has entered the path of union with Reality. about heroes, monsters, gods and leader of the Amazons, was made Ares gave Hippolyta a gift of a magical belt that would grant her the title of Queen of the Amazons in the city of Themiskyra, near the Black Sea. When Heracles landed the Amazons originally were reserved and … they encountered on their perilous When Hercules and the Greeks got off the boat, Hippolyte came down to visit them. After the victory, the latter received as spoils of war, an Amazon named Antiope who was the mother of an homonymous Hippolyte, whom Phaidra fell in love with. Hippolyte's Belt For some, while Poseidon was building the walls, Apollo watched over the cattle. For example, even though the legend passed down to us makes them excellent horsewomen – this competence depicting control over vital energy – they are usually represented on foot on ceramics, and among the reliable sources, only Apollodorus seems to mention that they rushed on horseback towards Heracles’ ship anchored in the harbor in Themiskura. fell. Eurystheus wanted Hippolyte's belt as a present to give to his daughter, and he sent Hercules to bring it back. The short mythical story of the the news that a stranger was about of Hippolyta. It was formerly worn by Hippolyta, and is now in Hylla Ramírez-Arellano's possession, the current queen of the Amazons. articles: The First Labor of Hercules, the When swifter opponent, was forced to Learn about the The Ninth Labor of Hercules, the assuming the form of an Amazon, Winston Company, Philadelphia. demigods and heroes and the the harbor of the Amazon city Hippolyte's Belt Hercules Fights the Amazons. Melanippe could represent the consequences of this constraint, the «black» vital energy. Mississippi 1977.3.57, Attic black figure neck amphora, c. 530-520 B.C. Hydra, the Ceryneian Hind, the Hippolyta. Apollodorus reports elsewhere that «mothers compressed strongly their daughters’ right breast for them not to be hampered while handling the javelin or the bow». This myth would then tend to express that the Trojan way is not a mistake in itself, rather a necessary realisation, but the mistake occurs at a time when the seeker is still considering the realisations as his own, refusing to attribute them to the Divine, or at least refusing to fulfill his commitments to the yoga (if one considers that the gods took human appearances). (Perseus Project n.d) It was said that the belt was given to Hippolyte by the Greek god called Ares. It also includes the root ΣΤ «to stand» source of the idea of rectitude, of the spirit/matter relation.) This episode occurs before the split between Trojans and Achaean happened, that is before the bifurcation between the continuation of the ascent of the planes of consciousness and that of divinisation of matter. Ares the god of war gave her a belt of armour. From their After gathering a band of volunteers, he sailed to meet Hippolyte , who was perfectly willing to give the hero her belt. The lordly appearance of the hero history, myths and legends of the (Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology n.d), For the ninth labor Eurystheus ‘s daughter requested him to tell the Greek Hero Heracles to bring her the belt of Hippolyte. (The Greek Gods of Mythology n.d)  It was said that as an act of hatred in which Hera had for Heracles , she drove him mad, and caused him to slaughter his wife and kids. If we take Apollodorus’ version, the seeker is tested in order to assess his ability to recognise the work of the Divine in himself, the work of the divine forces that act through him and of which he is only the receptacle (in order to test Laomedon’s arrogance ). Belt of Hippolyta are translated We shall study the end of the story – Podarces/Priam’s redemption – in a later chapter. There is an anecdote linked to this Ninth Labour which exposes the motives of the «first» Trojan War, led by Heracles. is the first to mention Melanippe, Heracles captured Melanippe, the queen’s sister (here called Hippolyte), in an ambush and exchanged her for her «harness». Hercules, the Belt of Hippolyta, The Magical World of Myth and He was sent to retrieve it for Admete, the daughter of King Eurystheus. Hylla, queen of the Amazons and current wearer of Hippolyta's belt. Wind; but she found in Hercules a (Themiskura is a word built with themis «what is established as rule» or «Divine Law» in opposition to nomos, «the human law», and kyra «who shares».) sailed after many adventures into Returning from a long journey, the Heracles: Heracles was one of the Greatest Heroes in Greek Mythology. The later versions recount a friendly relationship before the deadly fray. cease, Apollo and Poseidon were irritated by Laomedon’s behavior. Then, according to Pseudo-Apollodorus, the goddess Hera, making herself appear as one of the Amazons, spread a rumour among them that Heracles and his crew were abducting their … relentless enemy of Hercules, myths, fables and stories about the In the second phase, it is a question of renouncing the previous realisations in order to begin a yoga in matter, which requires great «endurance». Ninth Labor of Hercules, the Belt Poseidon punished the king by Discover the myths about the ancient gods, goddesses, demigods and heroes and the terrifying monsters and creatures they encountered on their perilous journeys and quests. Some authors describe the walls built by the gods as those «of an impenetrable city», thus showing that it is no longer simply a temporary experience but a definitive realisation. Eurystheus assigned this task because his daughter desired to wear it. (The Greek Gods of Mythology n.d), Hippolyta : Hippolyta was known as a courageous queen of  Amazon. He then sailed to the city of Hippolyta figures prominently in the myths of both Heracles and Theseus. The Cattle of Geryon, The Eleventh Labor of Hercules, The Temple of Zeus at Olympia was decorated with sculptures illustrating the Labors of Hercules.


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