toyota auris sat nav install

Thank you. We would recommend visiting your nearest Toyota centre for further help with this. You also have the option to avoid motorways, toll roads, tunnels or ferries/car trains when you select AVOID. Reluctant to buy something that may not make a difference and indeed mess up my sat nav system too. So, it seems it is a volume that can control either If it’s assistance on how to fix certain areas of your vehicle we would advise speaking to your local dealer. Hi Greg,

I have the touch & go I also have I phone 5 s I can’t get the voice rec to work it just says unavailable. How do I turn it off?

We are presuming you can enter all other address details ok? Hello Mrs Crosbie

All operation instructions can be found in the owner’s manual, which can be downloaded from the MyToyota section of

Touch 2 with Go Plus adds voice control.

The GPS signals are being transmitted all of the time regardless of a GPS device being present, the GPS device can simply receive and analyse the signals and potentially transmit back. As the previously mentioned advice has not worked, we would suggest that you contact our Multimedia Team as they will be able to assist you further: I have an Aygo 2017 X Press with X Nav fitted. Hi just got 63 plate Yaris and its say sat nav not installed how do I install it. Hi there, Hi James,

Sorry to hear of your problem with entering the post code and while we have run this past our tech team they have not been able to advise why this should be the case. Hope this helps.

Hello, the volume on my ago has decreased a lot on both Bluetooth and radio. And then you adjust the volume on the radio again at just the wrong time and you have to go through the rigmarole all over again. Turning down the phone volume makes it even harder to hear who i’m talking to over the very loud navigation announcements. I have a Verso trend and the satnav is driving me nuts.I want to enter a street Richmond Avenue in Lisburn with a postcode od BT28 2DL.I only get as far as BT28 2 and it gets predictive and I can get neither the full postcode nor the street name.Help, please? We’d advise contacting our Multimedia team directly at this email address: How do I change it so the road scrolls when I go round a roundabout as it’s impossible to use as it is, thanks. Many thanks.

We are looking into whether it is possible to isolate the sat nav audio from the radio and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Many thanks. How do switch off the voice guidance on the sat nav. I have just bought an Auris, 2012 plate, which has a touch and go screen for the rear camera but the Sat Nav does not work.

Hi I have the latest 2014 aygo with the navi system and I can’t seem to get it to change to from kilometers to miles? I don’t understand why a basic on/off toggle isn’t available in the menu systems. I also have not been able to set up an Internet connection for the real time traffic. Have you spoken to your local dealer about this?

Hi Daii.

I have a 2018 Aygo with touch screen Nav.

I have a 6 month old Yaris!

They have the responsibility regarding specification and features. Hi there, You should be able to alter this when the alert sounds, by turning the volume control down. However, if you would like to buy an owner’s manual your local Toyota dealer will be able to supply you with this.

Eventually I saw the post regarding the setup button and the general setting, so I tried it and lo and behold there was the navigation volume control, and guess what… It worked. Hello David

Let us know how you get on.

MyToyota: Introducing your personalised customer portal, How to pair your phone for calls, music and internet, How to search online with Google Streetview and Panoramio, Toyota bodyshops restore the body beautiful, Toyota Touch 2: How to set up an online account,,,,,, How to adjust the time on your Toyota’s clock.

Hi John,

Is there a decent description of what this is all about given anywhere. My Toyota dealer is I am told one of the largest in Europe yet all they can offer is that it is in the settings! Sorry for the delay. Just a few pages in the back of a much thinned handbook. We’re sorry to hear you’r... Toyota Touch 2 – Over The Air Installation Of Apps. We hope this helps and please let us know if you have any further queries. Hi I have a 2014 Toyota Auris excel Hybrid with Toyota Touch and go navigation.

Thank you for your comment.

Hi David Ive tried it again and managed to turn the voice guidance off by using the audio volume knob on the unit as the guidance was talking.


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