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Yee Keung Victor Wong (traditional Chinese: 黃自強; simplified Chinese: 黄自強; pinyin: Huáng Zìqiáng; Jyutping: Wong4 Zi6koeng4; July 30, 1927 – September 12, 2001) was an American actor, artist, and journalist. Wong x A.I. Gemini, first captured our attention last year with their ink painting, Escapism 0001, commissioned by Cathay Pacific Airways for the front cover of its in-flight magazine. Victor Wong - タワーレコード 新規会員登録 ログイン マイページへ ログアウト 通知 0 注文状況 コレクション 欲しい物リスト よくあるご質問 (Q&A

: acteur (Ho Chong) Aventure - Aventures : acteur (Walter Chang) Fantastique / Science-Fiction - Fantastique / Etats-Unis / Réalisateur : Sean McNamara

À proposNous contacterRégie publicitaireProposer un événementRecrutementCGUMentions légales. Fed with the Chang’e-4 images and 3D observation data from NASA, Gemini has analysed and interpreted these in its own style to create unique lunar landscapes. Victor Wong. Central, Hong Kong, Share your email to receive our daily digest of inspiration, escapism and design stories from around the world.

Chaque mercredi, le meilleur des sorties culturelles à Paris ! The exhibition is from 16th April to 11th May 2019 at the 3812 London Gallery, 21 Ryder Street, London, SW1Y 6PX. I didn’t want my AI to copy me; I wanted him to learn from me. The result by acclaimed Victor Wong is so impressive that we literally feel into a Chinese ink painting. Créé en 1946, L'Officiel des spectacles est l'hebdomadaire de référence du spectacle à Paris et dans sa région. These ink landscapes are painted in the tradition of Xieyi (寫意/意境). © Victor Wong and 3812 Gallery. 3D live Chinese ink by artist Victor Wong.

They attained much success in Taiwan but decided to break up in 2000 to p…. Gemini are exclusively represented by 3812 Gallery.

Alongside videos showing Gemini in action, dipping its brush into the real ink and water before sweeping brush strokes across traditional Xuan rice paper, the new painting is also presented as a high-resolution digital art image on a Samsung Frame television. In 1995, he signed the Taiwan Rolling Stone Record and formed a singing group with Kwang Liang. Victor Wong is not only a talented video artist but also a multi awards celebrated man for his unlimited capacity of creation from movies to simple art. Wong sees his work with Gemini as a collaboration between man and machine. He formed a duo group with Michael Wong named Michael & Victor (无印良品 wu yin liang pin) in 1995 when they first started out as singers under Rock Records. The upshot is that Gemini has its own recognisable style and not even Wong knows what the final result will be.

VICTOR WONG X SAMSUNG THE FRAME 2020 X LANE CRAWFORD, 3812 Gallery Co-founder Calvin Hui shares his insights of ink art market. mind and robotic body. Leave feedback. Gemini in the launch party of "Wealth Report 2019". / Etats-Unis / Réalisateur : Ernest Schoedsack. Gemini’s decisions have become autonomous, and the form of its chaotic and wild landscapes are now unpredictable even to Wong himself. 72 likes.

He was born on February 26, 1972. Gemini, an artificial intelligence ink artist, takes its name from the astrological sign represented by twins, a reference to the twin aspects of its A.I. ‘The landscape does not exist anywhere apart from in Gemini’s “mind”,’ Wong explains. Gemini’s Dream 03 marks a new look with both mauve acrylic and gold paint added for the first time. Victor Wong and his AI robot generate visionary Chinese ink paintings. This video, a must watch here, has been commissioned by Hong Kong Jockey Club. They attained much success in Taiwan but decided to break up in 2000 to pursue solo careers. 1991 - Ninja kids It is disrupting the art world and Chinese ink; expanding the possibilities technology can offer creativity whilst mindfully exploring the challenges of this relationship.’. In 2019, Victor Wong's Escapism series was unveiled at INK NOW Taipei Art Expo in January, marking the beginning of the TECH-iNK era. Second rôle emblématique, il a notamment tourné dans "Le Dernier empereur" et deux fois pour John Carpenter. Gemini took three years to build and programme, and the artist began by experimenting with converting the genesis of geological landscapes into formula which he ‘fed’ into Gemini’s ‘mind’, adding the ability to identify the best photographic angle. Gathering exploration data will allow scientists to understand Earth’s Moon, so images of the lunar topography transmitted by Chang’e-4 is the first crucial step towards learning more about our place in the cosmos. A fourth-generation Chinese-American, he appeared in numerous supporting roles throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Gemini, the first-ever artificial intelligence ink artist in the world in 2018. This sets up a curious exchange between technology and artist. Victor Wong is an artist and director, best known for his digital work and special effects, and has been widely acclaimed by international collectors and media.
Javascript is required to view shouts on this page. 1985 - L'Année du dragon Victor Wong (b.1966) is best known for his digital work and special effects. 1986 - Shanghaï surprise 1987 - Le Dernier Empereur


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