were the gunpowder plotters framed essay

�U ����^�s������1xRp����b�D#rʃ�Y���Nʬr��ɗJ�C.a�eD��=�U]���S����ik�@��X6�G[:b4�(uH����%��-���+0A?�t>vT��������9�. All rights reserved. Magna Carta resources from the British Library, Germany 1890-1945: Democracy and dictatorship, Power and conflict in the Early Modern Period. Why were Catesby and Percy killed so quickly? In 1603 a man named Robert Catesby and several other Catholics plotted to blow up King James of England. How to cite Was Guy Fawkes Framed? They planned to dig a tunnel under the houses of parliament and using gunpowder and blow it up along with the king and many other important men. The plotters. Source five and source six have many differences. In some places, children make an effigy called a Guy, which is burned on the bonfire. The signature on Guy Fawkes’ confession did not match his normal signature.

A small group of Catholics, Robert Catesby, Guido (Guy) Fawkes, Thomas Winter, John Wright and Thomas Percy decided to blow up the King on the State opening of Parliament. Concerned for his brother-in-law’s safety, Tresham sent him a letter advising him not to attend Parliament on November 5th. They are grouped close together which shows that they are hatching a secret plot. Francis Tresham was only thinking of his brother-in-law’s safety when he sent the letter. Source five is a letter received by Lord Mounteagle on the only night he was at his London house in 1605 this suggests that it must have been somebody close to Lord Mounteagle to know the day he was at his London home and to want to warn him about the plot.
Source one suggests that the government were behind the plot, this can be seen from, “Foul play” and “government secretly spun a web. Were The Gunpowder Plotters Framed? The Catholic View – The Conspirators were framed by the Protestants. Part of Sandbox Learning Limited.

A historian of the Ottoman Empire and modern Turkey, he is a publisher of popular history, a podcaster, and online course creator. All rights reserved. The plot was used as Protestant propaganda to attack the Catholics and prove that God was on the side of the Protestants. Only Francis Tresham was left free all the others were killed or captured quickly but he was left free until December 12th when he was taken to the Tower and died of a mysterious illness on December 23rd. (f��� � [Content_Types].xml �(� ̗QO�0��'�"���-l��} ��6$����zsl˾��wIK�@W+}��8w��]ҿs��s��8/�N� �tj2�� {���;g�G�3����-�������~i�G�}�f���>�A.|l,hڙ����r+�?b Only the government could sell gunpowder – so how did a Catholic get 36 barrels of it?

Theres no doubtfulness ab step up it that there was a plot to blow parliament up in 1604, only was Guy Fawkes re consort the sense to blame? or were the "conspirators" framed by the King's men?

How did James realise from one obscure phrase in the Monteagle letter that the plotters were going to blow up Parliament? Some say the gunpowder plotter was framed – and that he was the victim of one of the biggest conspiracies in history. Find out more. It would have been almost impossible for them to get hold of 36 barrels of gunpowder without the government finding out. The discovery of the plot hinged on a seemingly anonymous letter sent to Lord Mounteagle, a Catholic, warning him not to attend Parliament that night. Cecil is quoted as saying …
Step two. Source two suggests that Guy Had to be forced into “confessing” this is suggested because the degree of torture had to increase. NO. Step three .

h�t� � _rels/.rels �(� ���J1���!�}7�*"�loD��� c2��H�Ҿ���aa-����?_��z�w�x��m� The others were tried for treason and executed. Cecil hated the Catholics and wanted to show them to be against the country. Find evidence that the plotters were framed . Conspiracy theorists suggest that Fawkes and the other men in the plot may … By continuing we’ll assume you’re on board with our cookie policy. Source three says that he was going to blow the houses of parliament up later in the meeting, after the king had arrived, this could be taken that the King planned this to make it look like the plotters were against the King. A few examples of this suggestion are: “Foul play” and “The government secretly spun a web” also “entangle these poor gentlemen.

By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Read the two different versions of the Gunpowder Plot and decide for yourself…. PK !

There is evidence to support this view: This picture showing the conspirators, was made by a Dutchman who had never seen the conspirators. This can be seen from, “Entangled these poor gentlemen. Even today, we remember 'Guy Fawkes Night' with bonfires and fireworks. Get access to this section to get all the help you need with your essay and educational goals.

They hoped that this would lead to a Catholic King coming to the throne. Step four . This picture shows the conspirators hatching the plot to blow up the King and parliament. Source four is very useful because the signature changes so it seems that it was not actually Guy Fawkes’ real signature on the confession. However this could also be seen that he was in too much pain to write properly. Part of Sandbox Learning Limited. The group rented a cellar beneath the Houses of Parliament and stored 20 barrels of gunpowder, supplied by Guido Fawkes. In some places, children make an. It was obviously put there by the conspirators. A few examples of this suggestion are: “Foul play” and “The government secretly spun a web” also “entangle these poor gentlemen. The date for the deed was set for November 5th. to attack the Catholics and prove that God was on the side of the Protestants. Many historians nowadays agree that we will never know the whole truth about the government's involvement, but admit that the Plot may have been a government. We use cookies to deliver functionality and provide you with a better service. Many historians today agree with the Catholics of the time that the Gunpowder Plot conspirators were framed by James I’s chief minister, Robert Cecil. It was ordinary Catholics, however, who suffered the longest as a result of the Gunpowder Plot. Source four is two signatures one is Guy’s normal signature the other is the signature on the confession. Source six agrees with the ‘Guy Fawkes’ was framed’ Theory this is shown because most of the facts imply that the government were involved in some way for example all gunpowder was kept in the tower of London at the time so only someone with high power could have got he gunpowder used in the plot. Source two also could suggest that the Government planned the plot, this can be seen because, He has to use torture to make Guy Fawkes ‘confess’. It is believed that Francis Tresham, who sent the warning note to his brother-in-law, may have been working for Cecil. An evidence based card-sort on the Gunpowder Plot for students to create their own theories on how far the government was involved. All of the conspirators were executed except one – Francis Tresham. Could he have been waiting for it? This could be seen that the signature on Guy’s confession was forged, however it could also be that Guy was in too much pain from being tortured to do his normal signature. There was no doubt an attempt to blow up Parliament on November 5th 1605. Source one has lots of information suggesting that the Gunpowder plot was planned to frame the Catholics. were the gunpowder plotters framed essay writer. Also source five suggests the plot was organised by someone outside the government, but source six suggests it could only have been someone with a great amount of power, someone such as a member of parliament. An evidence based card-sort on the Gunpowder Plot for students to create their own theories on how far the government was involved.


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